Google AdWords Vs Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising and Google AdWords can both be reasonable paid media choices relying upon your objectives and the marketing plan your organization has.

So what’s this fuss about the Google AdWords or Facebook advertising in the paid media space? Simply put, the continual growth year after year cannot be ignored.

As per the data from Forbes, Facebook saw a staggering 50% rise in the active advertisers in 2015-16, making a whooping 3 million advertisers. It’s advertising counterpart is not very far away. Google AdWords saw around 20% of increase from year over year. Such growth for the AdWords platform could be attributed to the growth of mobile, shopping, etc.

So the million dollar question arises here as which platform should you target for your ad campaign.

Average CPC & Advertising Budget

AdWords Vs Facebook

Generally, Cost Per Click (CPC) will be higher for Google AdWords than that of Facebook Ads.

As per the post from AdEspresso, the average cpc for Facebook ads is around 0.3 USD whereas according to WordStream, the average cpc for AdWords is 2.30 USD. It clearly shows that AdWords is around 80% more expensive than Facebook Ads.

Facebook CPC

So if you happen to have limited budget, clearly Facebook Ads is a viable option for you.

Defining your objectives

Once you’re clear with what industry you want to target and how much your organization can afford, it’s time to focus on what your expectations are from the campaign.

If your goal is getting a lot impressions and brand awareness, the Facebook Ads is the preferred option. In case, if you’re looking for generating leads and boosting sales then AdWords is what you should opt for.

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