Top 9 Tips for great content

Content is what drives your attention but it’s more important how you put it.

We dive into 9 tips to a great content:

1. Focus on the focus

Your audience should know what the page is about when they visit a specific page on your website. This sends a clear picture to your audience.

The content on your website should be divided among pages. Use the following key points to optimize your page:

  1. Target relevant keywords corresponding to the topic of the page.
  2. Use relevant images on the page
  3. Maintain simplicity
  4. Get as personal as possible to draw to emotional attachment
AxisRooms Revenue Page
AxisRooms Revenue Manager page being very clear about what information to communicate.

2. Start your content right

Start your content with a catchy headline. Make sure your audience glance through your content, to say the least.

Try to break the content into the small paragraphs. This ensures that your content doesn’t look mundane to your audience.

Divide the content into the following:

  • Headline
  • Intro
  • Key points
  • Action point

3. Make use of your Unique Selling Point (USP)

What sets you apart from your competitors? Make your audience know the difference. That is something that will make your customer remember you for a long time.

USP such as important landmarks in the close proximity, great restaurants nearby, less rampant traffic, peaceful surroundings, etc are something that you can brag about to your customer.

4. Upsell your property

Upselling gives extra earning to you and great upgrade option to your customers.

Upselling could be done in the following:

  • Invite your guests to upgrade to luxury or exclusive suites.
  • Highlight the extra features such as separate lounge, minibar, walk-in wardrobe as an add on services.
  • Invite guests to upgrade to suites with breathtaking mountain view or scenaries of absolute beauty or panoramic lake views.

Make sure that the upgrade cost is reasonable that the guests would feel free to upgrade.

5. Images

Create images that tell story. Highly targeted images with clear messages are often the factors that drive more engagements.

You could make images that would tell story and convey what you do, in a nutshell. Moreover infographics is something catching up fast these days. In some situations, an infographics is all your customers need to understand a story well.

Guide for the guests
You can use images to give an idea of certain things or surroundings to your guests.

6. Take the feedback

Nothing can be more promoting than your customers sharing their positive feedback to the world. This is a free yet hard earned promotion that you can think of.

Invite guests to leave their feedback on social media channels, OTAs and other 3rd party hubs. When your guests leave any feedback, it’s equally important to respond to that whether good or bad.

A bad feedback is an opportunity in disguise to improve your services that work for many.

7. Make focused rate plan

Narrow down your rate plan and keep it precisely to what you are selling.

Keep in mind the following while designing the plan:

  • Tone: Maintain the same tone throughout the description. Don’t go formal all of a sudden when informal was your choice right from beginning.
  • Consistency: Stay consistent with your style of your writing throughout the description of rate plan.
  • Avoid lengthy content: You don’t want to overwhelm your guests with the heap of information that they find it too much to consume and get diverted from the main point, eventually.

8. Knowledge is power

You guests come from different geography with different demography. You may not know what will work for them unless you learn their online behavior. This brings the very need of analytics into the picture.

Before you go about writing the content for your audience, it’s smart do some research before actually going online.

This gives you an insight on the type of the content that you need to work on. This post talks in details about identifying your audiences.

9. Make storytelling videos

YouTube is world’s #2 website with over 1 billion users beaten only by its parent company Google. It’s video version of Google, you can say.

But that’s about it. This teaches us one very significant point that video consumption is what people love more than ever. You can leverage on this video affinity of your audience for telling stories and they will love it.

Tips for sharing video:

  • Keep the video short and to the point.
  • Make your starting few seconds really interesting and engaging or else your audience might leave.
Wishpond Stats
A Wishpond stats shows that only 25% people watched full video with 14 secs of average viewing time.
  • Try to keep captions in the video. Many love to read along.
  • It’s good to give the summary of the video in the beginning. This lets your users know what they are gonna watch.

All of the above mentioned tips are, for sure, meant to jazz up your content and definitely gonna catch your audiences’ imagination.

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