If we look at the Phocuswright White Paper released recently, 3/4th of the travelers book hotels through OTAs. This gives us a clear sign that if we could learn something from the OTAs, as a hotelier we surely can optimize booking on our website.

Here are the following points one needs to focus upon to get the bookings like OTAs:

1. Tech savvy OTAs customers


If we see closely, most of the OTAs customers are tech savvy. These guests’ mobile bookings is constantly on rise.

If we take the traffic of the Expedia website, 40% of the traffic comes via mobile devices. In Asia Pacific, mobile bookings is even more common. 45% of the traffic comes from the mobile platform.

And 30% of the bookings comes from the mobile platform. Whereas a staggering 60% bookings comes from the mobile platform.

Seeing this Expedia is enhancing its mobile platform to target such tech savvy guests. As of today, Aug 22, 2017, Expedia android app has been downloaded 10 million times. This shows that a great mobile experience is the need of the hour.

2. OTAs help connect real-time


Based on the popularity the customers are showing up nowadays on the OTAs bookings, Expedia provides feedback services to its guests once they reach the hotel.

This helps the OTA to keep track of the guests experience real-time and also provide opportunity for the hotels to improve their services if there’s any flaw as per the guests.

3. OTAs customers are mostly younger

Over one-third of the OTAs customers are between the age 25-39 years, a blend of Generation X and Millennials.

  • Travelers aged 25-34 are the one most on the go. They account for 82% of the leisure travelers whereas the customers aged 18-24 years accounts 76% for the leisure.
  • Millennials represent 40% of the leisure travelers. They are also the group which travel more than any other age groups.

These bits of knowledge on OTA customers will enable hoteliers to better recognize the behavioral examples of present and imminent travelers, and are basic to understanding the difficulties that lie ahead in a quickly moving business sector.

With this information, hoteliers will have the capacity to amplify future opportunities that will rise.


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