5 Must-Watch Trends  Of Travel Marketing In The Rest Of 2016

5 Must-Watch Trends Of Travel Marketing In The Rest Of 2016

AxisRooms Marketing
AxisRooms Marketing
  1. Do not be afraid to spend on Your Website
    When we say spend, we mean invest, and that is one of the wisest decisions you can make. With more and more people looking and booking on travel brand websites than third-party sites, your website delivers the first impression of your travel brand. And an optimized, user-friendly website can create a lasting impression and drive visitors to book without a second thought.
  • 67% of travelers think it’s simpler to book on a travel brand website than a third-party site.
  • Almost two-thirds of travelers think it’s less expensive to book on a travel brand website.
  1. Focus, optimize and plan for Mobile
    Mobile has become a must in people’s lives, especially when researching and reserving travel. In 2016, even more travelers will be searching for travel online.
  • 49% increase in mobile search for hotels and cruises.
  • 47% rise in mobile search for car rentals and tours and attractions.
  1. Wait for the Millennials
    Millennials already make up 40% of leisure travelers who book travel online. In 2016, their share of both the business and personal travel market will increase even more. To target these young adults, it’s essential to understand that Millennials have specific travel tendencies, such as:
  • Frequently book travel and share their experiences on mobile devices and digital platforms.
  • Tend to extend and blend business trips into personal vacations.
  • Spend more each day on trips than other age groups.
  1. Revisit, study and centralize your business in Reviews
    In 2016, online reviews and review sites will matter more than ever to travelers.
  • 64% of travelers visit travel review sites like TripAdvisor for vacation ideas.
  • Almost half of travelers have been compelled to write a review after a travel experience.
  1. Keep Your Eye on Video/Youtube/Snapchat/Periscope marketing
    Digital video is becoming more and more popular with travelers, especially on social networks.