Train your front desk team on the 5 pillars of hospitality excellence

Train your front desk team on the 5 pillars of hospitality excellence

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

It is said that the first impression is always the best. Front desk plays a critical role, they will be responsible for the first impression to make it best or the worst. Training your front desk team on hospitality excellence will uphold your brand awareness and helps to grow your business.

Greeting with a smile:

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After a hectic journey, everyone wishes to get a hassle free check-in. Welcome the guest by greeting them “Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. XYZ”. A warm smile on the staff face throughout the conversation is always appreciable.

Take an initiative:

Be prepared for frequently asked questions. Let the guest know each and every details before they ask you(like Room service timings, about services, bar and restaurant details(timings etc.), facilities,  recreation details, wake up call service if applicable). Also, guide them about the local sightseeings and food.

Telephonic hospitality excellence:

Tone of voice should always be soft and enthusiastic. Introduce yourself to show the confidence level. Mainly listen to them, wait until they finish later you can respond. If the query cannot be solved from your end then escalate the call to your supervisor. Finally, thank them for calling.

Resolve the complaints:

Firstly, apologize for the inconvenience caused even if the mistake is not from your end. If you don’t listen to your guest then they will end up writing bad reviews online. Try to sort out the issue and ask if they are satisfied with the service provided. Be helpful throughout.


Offer a greeting card or home made chocolates to give a better send off. Ensure them to provide the great service next time also, if the guest is not happy then ask them what can be done to improve the service. Ask them to write online reviews, you can also gift some goodies to encourage them. Offer them discounts for reference and regular bookings.