6 Tips to Write Winning Airbnb Descriptions

6 Tips to Write Winning Airbnb Descriptions

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Most property owners know that visuals are extremely important for a winning Airbnb description. After all, isn’t the photo of the property that wins guests over and guarantees a booking? Well, this may not always be the case.

High-resolution photos are crucial, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your description. It may not be the number one thing you have on your mind when completing your listing, but a well-written description can be the detail that makes the difference.

If your current Airbnb description only features a few bullet points with property details and you feel like it lacks that extra jazz that hotels seem to wing so effortlessly, here are 6 tips that will help you write high-converting descriptions:

Use an intuitive description structure

Your Airbnb listing needs to be detailed, so as to cover as much information as possible but keep in mind that all this information should have a clear structure.

When browsing for places to stay on Airbnb, people often have dozens of tabs open, and if your description isn’t easy to follow, their eyes will automatically slide towards one that has short paragraphs, bold keywords, and bullet points.

Including lots of details is great because people want to know what they’re paying for, but if all these details are written chaotically, without any structure whatsoever, your listing will likely be ignored.

Here are a few pointers to help you structure your description:

  • A short introduction presenting some main facts about your property
  • One short description for each bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom
  • A full rundown of all indoor amenities
  • A list of outdoor amenities
  • Location and distance from main tourist attractions, public transport, local points of interest,

Be specific

When guests look for properties online, they already have some keywords in mind and instinctively look for these keywords in your description.

This is why the text that accompanies your property images should be descriptive and to the point. Marketing language has its role, but fancy words and complicated phrases shouldn’t get in the way of your message.

Use short, easy to understand sentences. Don’t be vague and list exactly what amenities guests get for their money. If you’re going to say that your apartment is located close to the city center, mention exactly how close. If your house is family-friendly, then list the features that make it so.

Many people can be very picky when looking for accommodation and, apart from a great price, they also have a long list of things they want in their rental property. Failing to specify these features leads to a hard to read, unconvincing listing.

Don’t forget to always be honest and transparent in your listings! Don’t mention features you don’t have, because guests who have unpleasant surprises won’t think twice about leaving you a bad review!

Describe what makes your property stand out

Whether you have a villa or an apartment to rent, you need to know its unique selling point and mention it from the very first line.

According to a Morgan Stanley study, 53% of Airbnb users chose this platform because of its low rates. You might be tempted to think that affordability is your property’s main selling point, but there are more than 5 million Airbnb listings worldwide and most of them are affordable too.

To make your listing stand out, you need to focus on much more than just price.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a marketer, you are trying to sell a service and the key to attracting guests lies in knowing your strengths. Is your property amazing because of its family-friendly amenities? Because of its view? Of its proximity to the city center? Know your property’s unique selling points and use them to make a stunning first impression.

You can single out one or two features that make your rental stand out and then build your description around them to create the image of a perfect place to stay. If you don’t know what counts as unique selling points, here are some categories of features that guests usually look for:

  • Proximity to the historic center/public transport
  • Interesting building architecture or interior design
  • Pet-friendly
  • Couple-friendly
  • Backpacker-friendly

One great way of maximizing your main selling point is by looking at your reviews. If most of your guests rave about the same thing, go ahead and mention it!

Write like a pro

We can never overemphasize the importance of good writing on the Internet. Even if you’re just an independent property owner and not a multinational hotel chain with an entire content marketing team, guests expect the same level of professionalism.

Every grammar mistake that slips into your description could deter potential guests from completing their booking and make you come across as superficial.

According to the specialists at WowGrade, you should never post your description before proofreading it. From small grammar mistakes to phrasing issues, many inaccuracies can make your description unprofessional or hard to read, so double-checking it is always a good idea. If possible, ask someone to have a look and suggest improvements.

But what if you’re not a naturally skilled writer or don’t have the time to edit and proofread your listings? In this case, online editing tools come in handy, or you can even hire a team of experienced writers, such as Studicus.

If your Airbnb description doesn’t sound too compelling and you feel that it needs a professional’s touch, contacting an experienced writer can help you attract more guests and boost conversions.

Remember who the guests are

In business, knowing your customers can help you create the perfect targeted marketing message. Airbnb rentals are no exception.

Before getting to work and writing a description, stop for a second and think about what kind of guest your property caters to and who makes the most bookings. Then, adjust the style of your description with this target audience in mind.

For example, if you have a rental apartment located next to a conference center and most of your guests are executives and company representatives, then you will need to use a formal and professional style. However, if you have a cozy family home with plenty of child-friendly amenities, your style will have to be warm, friendly, and personal.

Test different descriptions to see what works best

Don’t panic if you don’t get your description right from the first try. Most of the time, you need to experiment with various description styles and structures to see what works best.

Update your description every couple of months to test what phrases and keywords your guests best respond to. Airbnb also published a guide on the high-performing listing keywords and the factors that determine how your property appears in the search results. After a while, you should be able to hit a winning formula and increase both the number of views and bookings.

Having a peek at your competitor’s listings also helps. You can take inspiration from their style, but remember to never copy their descriptions word for word. Your property has its unique personality, and finding a way to express it will pay off in the long run!


Writing a description for your Airbnb property shouldn’t be an afterthought. Even if high-quality photos remain a huge component of a winning listing, complementing these photos with a compelling description can attract more travelers and boost your conversions.