6 ways to grow bookings using word-of-mouth

6 ways to grow bookings using word-of-mouth

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

Word-of-mouth is considered to be the most effective way to promote a business. Wom(word of mouth or viva voce is nothing but passing information from person to person by oral communication).

If you are a small business(hotel), and doesn’t have much of investment to promote your brand then you should really follow some of our tips(word-of-mouth) which are listed below.

Professional(well-designed) Website:

Brand awareness is a key consideration factor which every hotelier should be aware of. Developing a well-designed or a professional website leads to more business and increases the recognition.

For example: when someone tells us(word-of-mouth) about a hotel, we tend to check online. The most common thing we all do is to check their(hotel’s) website isn’t it?

Social media:

Sometime we may feel social media is a blessing but sometime it might be a nightmare. Social media is inexpensive. Anyone and everyone can create a social media profiles but to maintain that is a big deal.

Again brand awareness is applicable here. Some important points hotelier should know to improve their business on social media.

  • Always keep updated content like address, contact details, updated images.
  • Tell your guests a meaningful stories.
  • Give surprise contests.
  • Write blogs, tweets and also reply to the customer reviews instantly.

Healthy food and Hospitable surrounding:

Clean surrounding and healthy food is what every guest expect during their stay.



Surprises are the best part everyone loves. Ask your guest before they check-in for any birthday’s, anniversary or other parties. Surprise them with cakes and flowers.

Referral program:

Create some referral program, incentive or give some benefits(like free gifts, discounts etc.)for every reference.


Poor communication practices will drive away not only the customer who was trying to reach you but the other people who listens to his frustrating experience. Provide the right contact details on your website, social media and on meta search engines. Chatbot is also a great idea.