How to use Facebook to boost direct booking?

How to use Facebook to boost direct booking?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

Hotels are using Facebook to boost direct booking. We are now fully aware how social media marketing mainly on Facebook is helping business to grow, improving their revenues and connecting with new customers. Facebook helps bring direct booking to the website. Such direct booking helps you to lower the expense in terms of paying for third party website and increase your brand knowledge.

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Why Facebook to boost direct booking:

Facebook is an effective marketing tool for the hospitality industry as well to bring direct booking to the hotel website. People tend to make travel plans after searching destination on social media. More than 75% people also share their vacation pictures on the social network. If your hotel service touched your customer, it can generate positive word of mouth for your hotel which is considered more reliable than any other kind of marketing. Positive word of mouth can generate high revenues for a hotel if done right. People also tend to post comments, recommendations and complaints about the services using social media. As a hotelier, it is your responsibility to respond to every comment either good or bad. You should also try to resolve the complaint using private chat.

Generate the right content:

Hotels should create high-quality content which for their page along with providing information about the destination. This information can be shared on Facebook as well as on other social media channels. Content should be less related to sales and more related to the customers. Information directly including booking as a call for action doesn’t work well with customers. Make the content fun for the views which encourages them to search for more information. It should also talk about the destination, like local sights, cuisines, popular tourist hubs, apart from the property.

Booking via Facebook:

Adding “Book Now” button on hotel Facebook page can help create higher booking directly through social media page. Think about providing special offer through social media platforms which direct your customers to the website rather than through OTAs.

Create events:

Create events & competitions which will urge customers to keep visiting your page. Link the events with the local festivals to excite the guests. Provide exclusive offers related to competition such as gets free breakfast upon booking or coupon codes. Update content information about the event on the frequent basis which helps increase bookings and interaction.

Advertise on Facebook:

Advertising on Facebook is not very expensive and hotels can create the ads based on their budget and target audience. This shall help the hotel to advertise their offers or hotels to the right crowd at the price fit for them.

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