Practical Features of a Hotel Channel Management Software
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Practical Features of a Hotel Channel Management Software

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

What matters the most for a hotel business? It might be competitive pricing, hotel location, adding more rooms to your property, and other such factors. But apart from them all, distribution is also crucial for making a hotel business thrive. Your customers should be able to find you, and a hotel channel management software can help you with it. 

All travelers worldwide rely on online channels to find the best hotels for their stay. The definition of best might be different for varying travelers. It means that your customers are exploring their options across various channels to book their stay. 

And as a hotelier, it is your job to be visible in the maximum spaces possible. It will eventually help you get the maximum profit and success for your business. 

It is a daunting task for hoteliers to manage the bookings and reservations from various channels on manual measures. You will need to employ a lot of administration hours to get this job done manually. And soon, it will be expensive in terms of time and money. 

Therefore, opting for a hotel channel management software will let you manage different distribution channels over a single portal. Moreover, it will allow you to increase bookings and enhance guest experiences. 

The focus of this article is to give you exposure to all the practical features a hotel channel manager can offer. Follow on till the end! 

How Does the Hotel Channel Management Software Help?

When a customer books a room with your hotel through an OTA (Online Travel Agencies), you need to mark it ‘sold’ for all other channels where the room was listed. 

Now, without a channel manager, you will have to do it manually for all distribution channels. Thus, these manual processes will demand more time and resources. And the chance of errors will also increase. 

Some of the possible errors that manual updates can cause are double-booking, underbooking, and even overbooking. As a result, it will hamper the guest experiences and, eventually, your brand reputation. 

A hotel channel management software can help you ease the job and reduce time consumption. You will be able to update inventory, booking information, rates, and other such details in real-time over a single dashboard. 

The channel manager will connect with all of the distribution channels. As a result, your customers will get up-to-date details about room rates and vacancies, irrespective of the distribution channel they are on. 

5 Major Functionalities of a Hotel Channel Management Software

To give you a glimpse at the potential of hotel channel management software, here are a few of its features or functionalities:

1. Supports Vital Integrations

A proper hotel business management needs more than one software to run all operations at ease. Therefore, a hotel channel management software offers the feasibility of integrations with a property management system (PMS), booking engine, housekeeping management, and accounting software. 

All of these elements are effective in their ways of managing your business from end to end over a single platform. Hence, it is called integrated channel management! 

Here are some tasks that you can achieve with these integrations on your hotel channel manager. You can:

  • Integrate crucial data across various platforms and channels 
  • Set the booking rules and can also automate them for all channels
  • Get reports on the high and underperforming areas of your hotel business 
  • Get insight into the financial reports based upon various operational segments of your hotel business
  • Set automated notifications for every booking you receive through your distribution channels or the website 
  • Introduce upselling and cross-selling over your distribution channels 

2. Profile Building of Guests

With the help of hotel channel management software, you can personalize the guest experiences by referring to their dedicated profiles. This software allows you to save crucial information such as credit card details over a secured network. It is to speed up the booking process for them in the future. 

Some of the other information that can be added to the guest profile includes their preferred meal time, favourite room, necessary amenities, and others. 

3. Automatic Updates on Payment Status

Your channel manager will also set automatic updates on the processed and settled payments over your PMS. It will allow you to track the payment behavior of your guests. 

Later, you can also customize the availability of payment methods, depending upon the preference of your guests. 

4. Rate Parity Assurance

Ideal channel managers assure rate parity over all channels. It means that the pricing displayed over all distribution channels will be the same at all times unless changed from the central dashboard. 

For all of your room and rate plan combinations, you just need to update it once over the central dashboard, and your new rates are live. 

5. Automatic Currency Conversion

A hotel channel management software converts your room rates into different currencies automatically and reflects them over the distribution channels. 

So, your hotel will not be losing any of the international guests just because they don’t get the rates in their currency. 

Avail the Best Channel Manager by AxisRooms

At AxisRooms, we are always eager to bring the best of service resolutions for our fellow hoteliers. In this process, we have developed one of the most advanced and feature-loaded channel managers for boosting the growth of your hotel business. 

You won’t have to hire several employees and a workforce to manage your listings over various distribution channels anymore. Every setting is just a click away from the central dashboard of our channel manager. 

You get the ease of customizing almost every setting to fit your business goals. Our hotel channel management software helps you with proper inventory management and allows you to create reports of your business characteristics. 

Analyze the reports and use them to improve your business processes. We offer you over 50 OTA integrations to give your brand massive exposure across the world. It will help increase the number of bookings and reservations for your hotel over your competitors. 

With our channel manager, you also get the feasibility of blocking or unblocking the channels where you don’t want to list your rooms and services. You can set ‘Sold Out’ tags for rooms that are reserved for priority guests and do much more out of it. 

AxisRooms’ channel manager has recently tied up with Airbnb to help your hotel business list over their channel at a minimal commission of 3% across the industry.  We have bagged many awards and are highlighting them to give you a glimpse at the marvel that we are offering you. 

Check Out the Features of AxisRooms’ Channel Manager Today!

AxisRoomschannel manager software is now being used by many top brands in the hospitality industry. Our technical team is working every day to find more ways of optimizing and evolving the existing software. 

You can place your request for a demo on our website, and we will connect with you for the same. After you are happy with the demonstration, you can then avail of the service and integrate our channel manager into your hotel business. 

For more information, you can check out our official website or talk to our consultants for any of your doubts or queries.