Hotel CRM Software: How To Know What To Look For In 2020

Hotel CRM Software: How To Know What To Look For In 2020

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The start of a new decade brings with it added impetus in technology. People worldwide have gotten used to convenience and they want things to be even better. There is simply no place for complacency. As a hotel business owner, you feel this to be true more than anyone. Hotel management is no joke and it is almost impossible to handle operations without hotel CRM software.

Using a CRM for hotel, you can take your business to a whole other level. It brings in automation functionalities that make work easier. A CRM is intelligent enough to handle many things at once and moreover, it is a one-stop station where you can track your entire operation.

Some of the features that make for a formidable hotel CRM are:

I. Booking Engine

Managing all bookings made by customers on a unified dashboard is commonplace in CRM applications. Allowing for bookings to be curated automatically is a key part of a hotel CRM. Requests for bookings, schedule management, payment details, promo codes, offers and so on can be easily processed on the application itself. What is ideal about an automation system is its multipurpose functionality – you can do more with less. Since most of the data is collected and stored automatically, it makes for easy operation. By linking your website to your CRM, you can make booking that much simpler for the end user.


II. Channel Manager

Another advantageous component of hotel CRM software is how it can relay communications via different channels. Having multiple online partners helps you navigate without hassles through many partner connections. Third-party applications can be embedded into your hotel CRM so that your listings are never compromised. It adds to user-friendliness and ease of usage. And since all of this is on the cloud, you can assure your customers of its security and encryption.


III. Dynamic Pricing

Regulating pricing can be tricky ask, especially if your sole focus is on higher sales and better service. Controlling and shifting tariffs without any issues is difficult to manage. However, with effective third-party API integrations, you can enable dynamic pricing for your hotel rooms. This suggests fair quotes to customers based on the time of the year and during special dates. By having dynamic pricing, you can ensure that holiday seasons are beneficial to your business as well as the guests.


IV. Support Centre

One of the premier reasons to opt for hotel CRM software is the service operability it brings. Issues, requests, complaints or queries from customers or users can be managed on the CRM dashboard. By offering an omnichannel experience, you can accept queries from Facebook, email, call, live chat and web forms in the form of tickets. By the way of instant notifications, you can resolve the queries in an instant. Moreover, issues of refund or cancellations can also be filed by users for you to process. Collecting valuable feedback and comments to help you offer better service is another way the CRM enhances your serviceability.


V. Tour Guide

A knowledge base is essential to your hotel operations. Employees or hotel agents need a reference point to stay updated on the latest updates of your hotel business. To look up offers, company policies, promos and other details, a knowledge management system comes in handy and reduces the time taken to resolve queries.

Additionally, users who visit your website need a place to find answers for their queries so that they can get resolutions quicker than ever. A Self Serve portal that helps them perform actions and find solutions to issues is incorporated into the CRM. An FAQ section for both of these can go a long way towards making service better and faster.

Hotel CRM software with these important functionalities are eligible to be your business assistant. With more and more customers preferring the online mode of communication, you need to make sure you are up to the task and rely on a system that can handle things online. Furthermore, CRM software has marketing capabilities via email and SMS. To target certain groups and offer deals to them directly from the CRM would make your business simply ahead of its time. Add to that reporting and analytics and you have the complete package. By knowing where you stand and which area to improve using service reports and daily activity reports, you can build towards a brighter future for your hotel business.

All in all, hotel CRM software that is intelligent and can offer high operational practicality is the one you should choose. Kapture CRM has been long enough in the game to offer all that you might need to manage your hotel business. Finding the right CRM is key to taking your business forward. The chance is right and the time is now, for you to act.