How to Make Your Hotel More Family-Friendly

How to Make Your Hotel More Family-Friendly

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Families are one specific type of consumer that you definitely consider focusing on in this instance. To find out how you can make your hotel more family-friendly, be sure to read on.

If your hotel is to thrive in its market and geographical location over a sustained period of time, you need to attract a steady stream of customers at all times. To ensure that you always have people coming through your doors, you need to go out of your way to attract one specific type of holidaymaker. Doing this will allow you to center your services and amenities around this target consumer base and, thus, it will help you to make your establishment much more appealing to them.


Make a number of amenities available

If you’re to attract a customer base that is comprised mainly of families, then you need to make a number of family-orientated amenities available. Doing this will prove to your target audience that your hotel is capable of providing them with everything they need to enjoy a stress-free family vacation.

Some of the amenities that you should make available in this instance include:

  • Cribs
  • Baby trolleys
  • Playpens
  • Nappy bins
  • Changing mats
  • Bottle warmers
  • Toiletry packs, wipes, and cream
  • Child-size bathrobes
  • Child play areas
  • Child-friend welcoming gifts (coloring books, teddy bears, etc.)


Provide guests with information about nearby attractions

In order to keep their kids happy and entertained while they are on vacation, parents will be desperate to learn about all the very best nearby attractions and events in your geographic location. If you want to keep your primary customer base happy, then you’re going to have to adhere to this need by providing your guests with as much information about your local area as you possibly can. If you truly want to be of some use to your family guests, then you should have your reception staff actively play a part in booking activities and excursions for your guests. This need not be a particularly difficult task. All your workforce needs to do in this instance is access an authentic site such as a, find the nearby attractions and events that most appeal to your customers (Paw Patrol Live, The Very Hungry caterpillar, Kids Bop Live!, etc), and then book the appropriate tickets for them. The assistance that you offer in this instance will be sure to keep certain families coming back to your hotel time and time again going forward.


Make childcare available

As much as they love their kids, the adults that stay in your hotel will want a break from them from time to time. To ensure that they feel comfortable having some time to themselves while they are on holiday, you should make professional childcare available to them. One of the best things that you can do in this instance is offer a ‘baby breakfast.’ This will entail a carer that you employ picking up the kids first thing, thus allowing your parent guests to enjoy a relaxing morning by themselves.