How can Small Hotels do Remarketing at No Additional Cost?

How can Small Hotels do Remarketing at No Additional Cost?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

Small hotel remarketing is one of the online marketing techniques that has benefited the hotel industry the most. But what exactly is it?

Remarketing is a technique that businesses use to target their existing customers or past website visitors. It helps drive enhanced conversions, customer retention, and upsells. If you target the visitors who showed interest in your services over your website, then there is a higher chance they will end up being your customers. 

In the case of hotels, there are many cases where visitors abandon the booking website for varying reasons. 

So, remarketing becomes important to bring their attention back to your hotel brand with some additional offers to make them complete their booking. 

The initial marketing got you the visitors in the first place. But remarketing will ensure that they don’t get lured by your competitors and stick just with you. 

Small hotel remarketing is a trend today. If you own a business in the same industry, then this article is something that would help you learn how you can do it. 

Why Does Remarketing Matter to Small Hotels?

As per the Traveller Attribution Study report by Expedia, a consumer tends to visit an average of 38 websites before finally deciding on where they want to stay. 

So, remarketing through various channels will keep reminding a particular customer about your hotel as they visited the website earlier. 

It is all about re-engaging the visitor with your brand and increasing the chances of conversion. If you are in the same business, try out small hotel remarketing once to experience its perks. 

But, at the same time, you are tight on your marketing budget and don’t want to spend more on remarketing. There are ways you can remarket by spending less or no money at all. You will learn more about it later in this article. 

Ways of Remarketing for Small Hotels

The statistics prove that website visitors who get retargeted through display ads have a 70% higher chance of converting. Therefore, a small hotel business cannot afford to miss out on this technique. 

As stated earlier, remarketing ways might cost less but cannot be completely free. So, the ways are as follows:

1. Google Display Network Marketing

It is the most common remarketing technique that you can adapt at a very low cost. The records state that Google Display Network usually reaches around 90% of people over the Internet. 

Hence, it means that you will be able to retarget 9 out of 10 of your customers using this marketing approach. 

It has a Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) of 2% over the search network. It means that you will be getting remarketing conversions at the cost of 2% for every lead. 

2. Funnel-Stage Ads

When you are done preparing the remarketing list, you can plan out segmenting the traffic through the different stages of the funnel. 

The three funnel stages that you can use to retarget the customers are:

  • Awareness Stage
  • Consideration Stage
  • Decision Stage

The concept of funnel-stage ads is to propose the right offer to the person, depending upon their stage. 

For instance, if a customer is currently in the consideration stage of the funnel, then your small hotel remarketing ad should produce valuable content to offer clarity of decision. 

You don’t have to push them to book your service so quickly and wait for the time they are in the decision phase. 

Similarly, if they are in the awareness stage, you should not ask for their email immediately without giving them a bit about your hotel business. 

The primary goal is to retarget and convert many customers at a low cost. So, you need to learn how to prepare content and ads depending upon the funnel stages to carry out this retargeting technique. 

3. Super Remarketing over Facebook

Remarketing allows you to re-target your leads directly and convert them to be your customers. They are already aware of your brand, as you have marketed your business to them earlier. So, it will save you some steps in hotel remarketing measures. 

Super Remarketing over Facebook acts as a filter for you to decide whom to remarket to. 

Not everyone who lands on your hotel website has an intention to travel to that destination and book their stay at present. 

For example, if you visit the official website of Lamborghini without an intention to buy one and start getting remarketing ads for buying one, wouldn’t you feel that the brand is lagging with its remarketing approach?

Super Remarketing allows you to narrow down the list of customers to determine who is interested and can afford the product. 

Take a note of your customer profiles, and you will then be showing remarketing ads only to people who are a perfect match to those profiles. There is no need to spend time and money on remarketing for the average website visitor. 

You can use Facebook Business Manager to approach Super Remarketing at ease! Follow the necessary steps, and you will possibly be getting another shot at converting the customers who abandoned your hotel site. 

4. Email Retargeting 

Email remarketing ads are also an affordable way of reaching out to the customers who abandoned their bookings with your site. 

But, you need to remember that email ads feel more invasive to customers than social media or website ads. 

Therefore, you need to add the personalization touch to the emails to make them valuable for your potential guests. 

Suppose someone abandoned the booking after selecting the dates and the room type. In that case, you can send a personalized email with the same dates and room type and give a call-to-action to remind them to complete the booking. 

It will make the customers find the emails more useful and not just spam. But remember to send the emails soon. 

The first remarketing email should be sent to the customer within 3 hours of abandoning your site. The open rate of emails within this time window is high with responsive click-through rates. 

Final Verdict

These were a few among many remarketing methods that you can use to woo customers. The ones listed in this article are the low or no-cost remarketing methodologies for small hotels. 

You need to educate your website visitors of the value you add to the services you offer. You need to do the same in your remarketing ads as well. Once you do so, your small hotel business will have more customers and less booking abandonment!

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