How to Increase Room Service Revenue?
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How to Increase Room Service Revenue?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

Room service is considered a hallmark in helping your business earn profits. And there are not one but many ways to learn how to increase room service revenue. Booking the rooms for select dates and attending to guest requirements is just part of the earnings in this business. 

The next step towards maximizing this revenue is by improving business practices and upselling more services and products to the guests. One certain example of this improvement is witnessed after the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotel businesses had to upgrade their room service to reflect the sense of safety and convenience for their guests. 

So, suppose you are new to the hospitality industry and want to collect research evidence on what would help you increase hotel room service revenue. In that case, this article with valuable tips will help you achieve it. 

Ways or Tips to Increase Room Service Revenue

Below are a few tips for you to understand the various ways to increase room service revenue:

1. Having Room Service Applications 

As a hotel business, you must have a dedicated service application for guests to report any possible issues or problems directly. The application will be focused on housekeeping and key guest management aspects. 

This application will be accessed by the room service staff members and the guests. It will display all related data on how long the guest will stay and what key the guest has. It will eventually speed up the communication between guests, management, and service staff. 

If any issue is being raised by the guest, the respective caretaker staff will get the notification for the task, and they will straight away be up for it. In this way, you will be able to offer a good experience to your guests. And people tend to make repeat bookings with hotels that look after their guests. 

2. Use Booking Engine to Upsell Room Services

Apart from reputational revenue growth, if you intend to get the most out of any booking during the service period, the best way to do it is by upselling your services. You ought to have a booking engine that helps your guests book their stay with you online. 

You can prepare combo deals on rooms and recreational activities at discounted rates and advertise them on your website. Use the online hotel booking engine for it! When someone is booking a specific luxury room that is eligible for incentives, upsell your additional services such as spa treatments, meal offers, airport pick-up & drop-off, and others. 

In this case, you assure your guests of quality room service at a nominal addition to their booking cost, even before they check-in. You don’t have to force your upselling techniques. If those services add feasibility to the trip plans of your guests, then they will opt or ask for them. 

3. Use Channel Manager to Update Inventory Across Different Distribution Channels

To ensure that your room service doesn’t compromise, you must integrate your property management software with the channel manager. This way, every time a booking is made for rooms and services on specific dates, they will be reflected across all the channels you are partnered with for reservations. 

The booking engine will be integrated into your website and direct sales channels. So, it automatically has the feature to update the inventory details in real-time. But, it cannot do the same with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Therefore, channel manager integration is also important. 

4. Try Personalized Room Service

Guests like it when hotel staff members address them with their names and personalize the services based on their preferences. Suppose a guest walks in for a birthday or an anniversary trip to your city and has booked with you. You can check the data on the booking details the guest has filled in while booking with you. 

If you find something worth celebrating for the guest, present them with a small gift or a sweet box before they check into their room that day. It will surprise them, and they will appreciate the effort. 

Your management tools can help you save all the preferred requests from a guest on their current stay. It will help you personalize the room service the next time they book with you. Hence, this will help you add up to the brand’s reputation and eventually motivate your repeat guests to avail of more of your services to experience everything you offer. 

5. A Warm Welcome

Guests would love to be welcomed to a new city with joy and smiles on their faces. As a hotelier, it is your prime job to make the guests feel like they are at home away from home. And for that, a small and warm welcome with garlands, sweet boxes, fruits, or flower bouquets will do the job. 

If they are early for check-in, guide them to the waiting area, where you can offer them drinks and snacks to keep them occupied. This gesture has nothing to do with technology or data updates but is pure hospitality. The more you create a homelike ambience for your guests, the better the chances they will have the urge to try out all of your other services and help you with good revenue. 

AxisRooms Offers You the Productive Booking Engine For Easy Upselling

A lot of your strategies to learn how to increase room service revenue are connected to your booking engine and other management solutions you have. The maximum revenue you can generate is by promoting direct bookings from your website and mobile application. And to do that, you will need a productive booking engine integrated into your business operations and property management system

AxisRooms offers a feature-packed booking engine that allows you to manage bookings, set up invoice taxes, offer dependent meals and room plans, create reports, and much more. With such management solutions under one roof, it will be easy to display promotional offers and combo deals you want to upsell. 

It is on you to decide what services would go well with a specific type of primary booking. For instance, if someone is out on a vacation trip, you can upsell an upgrade to them by combining a meal plan and commute facilities. If they are booking a standard room, you can suggest they pay a minimal extra amount and upgrade to a deluxe suite for an added experience. 

Come check out our website and fill out the form on the product page to let us show you a demonstration of how our booking engine works. Fill out the details on how we can reach out to you, and then our team of experts will take it from there. 

Parting Words

Increasing your hotel revenue doesn’t just depend on your rate of occupancy but also on your efforts to make the customers come back for more. Whether you market your upselling services during their stay or before check-in, it might just have a positive impact on your overall revenue. 

Apart from that, you need to amend all loopholes in your ways of executing room services physically within the premises. Your hospitality should reflect your brand standard and why people should book with you over others. Collect all possible data of your existing guests to offer them a personalized experience during their current stay or for the next. 

Turn up to the booking engine of AxisRooms, and you might find it easy to upsell your next batch of add-ons and upgrade services to potential guests.