5 Qualities Your Ideal Airbnb Guest Should Have

5 Qualities Your Ideal Airbnb Guest Should Have

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Did you know that Airbnb has hosted over 400 million guests since its launch in 2008? Every day thousands of people send guest requests to hosts via Airbnb. That means that more and more people are opening up their homes to strangers. This exposes both parties to potentially good or bad experiences. As a host, you want guests you would love to have in your space and whom you can invite back again. To get the ideal guest for your home, here are qualities that you should look out for.

Honest Profile

Just as you try to be as honest and transparent about your home and yourself, you want a guest who offers the same in their profile. A good and detailed description of a guest can allow you to tell if they are someone you would want in your home. It will also help you sniff out anything suspicious about them.

Communicates Well

For any relationship to work out, there has to be effective communication. Your guest should tell you a bit about themselves when they start the conversation, how many people they are traveling with, their expectations, and who will be visiting them. This helps you decide if you will host them and know how to address any issues that may arise.


As a host, you do your best to create a great and welcoming atmosphere. The ideal guest will explore your space appreciate the effort that you made for them and understand the limits that you may have. Your home is not a hotel and you do not have the amenities they would offer. This will help prevent any misunderstandings and set realistic expectations.

Low Maintenance Guest

Look for a guest that does not make excessive demands, are not rude, overbearing or impolite. They should not make too much noise and are considerate of your neighbors. They should also be attentive to their children and pets. From guest reviews, you can read what previous hosts have to say about your guest.

Leaves Your Home the Way They Found It or Even Better

From reviews by previous hosts, you’ll get to know if some guests would be good or destructive to your homes. Even though Airbnb offers host guarantees to make up for guest damages to your home, you still want someone who will not put you through the repair process.


When you choose a great Airbnb guest, you help ensure a good experience for the two of you. While hosting, you go out of your way to provide a welcoming space and a valuable experience. Thus, your ideal guest should leave you wanting to welcome them back.

If you still find yourself with a terrible guest, the experience will help you prepare better for the next time you intend to host.