What’s the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Hotel Industry?

What’s the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Hotel Industry?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

To enhance customer loyalty in the hospitality business, you need to deliver an everlasting customer experience to your guests. With the introduction of advanced and powerful technology like artificial intelligence in the hotel industry, delivering premium guest experiences at reasonable prices has become easier.

It can help you magnify your business revenue and profits and scale your business to new heights.

Today big brands like Hilton Hotels & Resort and Marriott International have integrated chatbots that help automate the customer support experience for their customers.

Artificial intelligence in hotels is helping businesses make well-informed decisions that can streamline the business flow and optimize performance.

It can help businesses better understand the customer’s requirements and needs and help hoteliers deliver a quality guest experience.

But that’s just the drop in the bucket.

There’s a lot more you need to know to get a holistic view of the impact of artificial intelligence in the hotel industry.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful concept that refers to the intelligent and advanced behavior of computers or machines that can learn from the collected data and make well-informed decisions by analyzing the data.

The advancements in AI have increased its applications, and the horizon has touched the hospitality industry. The collection and analysis of consumer data to extract valuable touchpoints have become a great asset for hoteliers.

It has helped businesses to improve the areas where businesses lack and optimize the customer service, maximize workforce efficiency, minimize time and effort, and scale business revenue and profits.

The use of a machine learning algorithm and artificial intelligence has helped businesses to compete with the big guns in the industry and create a solid presence in the hospitality industry.

There are different aspects that AI in the hotel industry has revolutionized. Have a look.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence Important in the Hospitality Industry?

We have filtered the most impactful areas of Artificial Intelligence in the hotel industry to help you understand the rise of AI technology.

  • Hotel Operations

The traditional approach of attending to the guests from the front desk and answering their calls physically is slowly fading away. 

Businesses used to train their staff or hire experienced people to verify the documents of guests during the check-ins, answer their queries, and deliver undivided attention to the guests.

But these methods didn’t deliver a higher level of efficient and effective results when the footfall increased. The limitation of attending one person at a time restricts hotel businesses from increasing efficiency and minimizing guest management time and effort.

With the introduction of AI and digitization in the hospitality industry, chatbots have become the preferred assistance for hoteliers to handle multiple guests.

Your chatbots can take care of the online queries of potential guests and minimize the pressure from your front desk employees. 

Another popular introduction is in the form of self-check-in kiosks. It helps in improving customer service and removes the hassles of tedious check-in routines. 

Customers can check-in hassle-free and get a consistent guest experience which helps hotels stand out from the rest and strengthen their hold in the industry.

  • Revenue Management

Integrating automation into your existing business ecosystem can help you increase the efficiency of your business and scale it to new heights. You can use a powerful AI-backed property management system that can help you streamline your revenue management.

You can get a holistic view of the profits, expenses, and other factors to remain on top of business cash flow. AI-backed tools can help you get the best rates based on the current market scenario and simultaneously communicate the information with the OTA (Online Travel Agencies) channels. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the hospitality industry can help you grab the dynamic opportunity available in the market and skyrocket your business revenue with finesse.

  • Next Level of Personalization 

AI technology in the hospitality industry can help you leverage the power of personalization and help you pave the way for better service efficiency and effectiveness.

You can create a personalized communication experience with your guests and strengthen the relationship and trust. Personalization helps to connect with the customers in a better way and improve your loyal customer base for business scalability.

You can send personalized messages to ask about their staying experience and periodically send discount offers and other coupons to stay connected with your loyal customers.

  • Data Analytics

Data is the new oil, and being in the hospitality business AI can help you leverage your customer’s data to strengthen your marketing and customer experience. 

AI tools can help you extract valuable data points from a large volume of data that can enable you to make well-informed decisions to increase your business numbers. 

With the power of AI, you can retain guests, know your guest preferences, integrate loyalty programs, and enhance customer service. Using the power of data, you can categorize your guest list based on their budget, amenities, and room preference, among other factors.

Data analytics can also be vital for analyzing different surveys and customer feedback to enhance your hotel operations. 

You can extract in-depth and detailed performance reports of your in-house team and your guests to get a bird’s-eye view of different business aspects.

  • Multilingual Booking Experience

If you want to scale your business to have a global footprint, you must adapt to the customers’ local language. You need to break the communication barriers between your business and your guests. 

AI communication tools can help you answer queries around the clock in different parts of the world in different languages. 

Intelligent chatbots are designed to communicate with local customers using natural language processing (for text) and generation (for voice) in the native language of the guests. It promotes precise and clear communication between the machine and the user.

Now that you understand the many positive impacts of AI on the hospitality industry, it’s time you integrate advanced AI tools into your business ecosystem.

What’s Your Next Step?

Numerous AI-powered tools are available in the market that you can choose from depending on their functionalities, pricing, and ease of use. But it’s difficult to search and filter multiple tools and manage multiple of them.

What if there was one AI-backed product that could provide you with multiple tools to simplify your hospitality business?

Well, there is.

AxisRooms offers you a complete suite of products for the hospitality industry that can handle your hotel operations irrespective of the scale of your business.

You can use AxisRooms and access tools like channel manager, booking engine, vacation rental software, property management system, revenue management system, and rate shopper to ensure you deliver a quality guest experience.

It helps you bypass manual and traditional operational hiccups that hinder your business growth. You can improve your business revenue and scale your business to new heights using AxisRooms.

With quality 24*7 customer support, our team can help you solve the dynamic issues and problems that can help you clear the blockage in your business workflow. 

Get a hands-on experience of the tool with the demo version and experience the transformation AI can bring to your existing business ecosystem.

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What’s the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Hotel Industry?

What’s the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Hotel Industry?