How to Improve Your Hotel Management Skills

How to Improve Your Hotel Management Skills

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Managing and running a hotel is a tough business. You have to be on top of and up to date with the market, your employees and your customers.

It can be easy to slip into a habitual routine and allow your hotel to run as if by autopilot, but to run a successful hotel business, every action you take needs to serve a purpose and have a positive effect that you can see company-wide.

To stay a world-class hotel, and runner of one, you must be vigilant and regularly brush up on your skills. When there are other hotel managers out there with a similar ethic and business-focused mind, your hotel cannot afford you sticking to routine and habit.

The business of hotels grows and changes, and so should you.

Expand Your Business Knowledge

The best way to stay on top of market trends within the hospitality industry and within business, in general, is to hone your knowledge and do thorough research.

Knowledge is a powerful tool that is invaluable when it comes to running a business and especially managing a hotel; it will be your biggest asset in times of change or difficulty. It can be a challenge to predict changes in customer behavior or in the industry itself, so the best way to be prepared is to have the knowledge to devise a solution.


If you find that your business knowledge falls short in specific areas or you simply want to brush up your knowledge, then webinars make a great choice.

An online seminar, or webinar, is an individual class that focuses on one subject area or topic, which makes it a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills in specific or niche areas.

Whether you want to take a class in social media marketing to boost how your hotel performs across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or brush up on creating or reinventing a brand image, there will be a webinar out there that covers the topics you want to delve into.

Business MBA

For more long-term study, a Masters in Business would give you a wider and deeper breadth of knowledge that you can refine over the course of the MBA program. Learn from and receive support from expert faculty members; an MBA course in business would take your management skills to the next level from the sheer amount of knowledge and experience you would accumulate during the program.

An online MBA program, like those at Suffolk, which can be found at, is convenient and give you the flexibility to work a program around your career. Learn how to manage change in an everchanging market and world and gain a global business outlook that will change the way you perceive business and hotel management forever.

Train Your Employees

To have a well-managed and well-rounded business, not only do you have to spruce up your skills and knowledge, but your employees deserve that same opportunity as well.

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is not investing in their employees. Employee negligence and ignorance due to a lack of training is one of the leading causes of errors or mishaps occurring in the workplace.

Company-Wide Training

Company-wide training is extremely beneficial, namely because it gets all of your employees onto the same page. When you run a larger business, you cannot physically be everywhere at the same time, which means you rely on and trust your employees to do well in your absence. With high-quality training, through workplace seminars and the like, you can not only trust your employees to succeed but know they will with your teachings.

Involve yourself in the training. Not only will it show your employees your dedication to them and the business, but it will also help you to pinpoint any areas of the training that need adjustments to better fit your employees’ needs and notice any employees that may need some extra support, especially if you make any big changes.

Training on a large scale helps to eradicate negligence and miscommunications.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Competitors

Every businessperson knows that it is imperative to keep a close watch on competitors within the market and their activity, but most will focus on those with more success than their business to strive for improvement. While this is extremely beneficial, it is also worthwhile to note where your competitors have shortcomings.

The shortcomings of your competitors show you and your business exactly what not to do in order to succeed, and it also opens up a space in which you and your business can improve and do better than that business.

If you learn that one of your local competitors ranks poorly in responses to customer complaints and queries, you can encourage your response team to highlight their skills in responding successfully, helpfully and kindly to customers.

In such a competitive space, a fault in one business gives another business the chance to shine brighter than they ever have before. The opposite is also true; however, you should be wary of other competitors having the same watchful eye on your business.

It can be easy, and devastating, to focus too much on your competitors’ activity and neglect your business’s own. Strike a balance between observing competitor and market trends and using this knowledge to improve and grow your business and your skills.

Strive for Coherency

In a business environment, growth and profits are always the end goal of every plan of action, but this can sometimes prove to be shortsighted. There are numerous obstacles that are at play in running a business which hinder the path to success, and when looking straight to the end goal, it is easy to trip over them.

A coherent business with both employer and employees on the same page with the same goals in mind will lead to a streamlined performance that improves the overall management of your hotel. Eradicate negligence in your workplace and foster an environment that encourages group learning and offers support when employees need it.