How to drive revenue through hotel package deals

How to drive revenue through hotel package deals

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The essence of doing business is to make profit while satisfying your customers. Without satisfying your customers, you can hardly generate consistent and substantial revenue. App development companies generate revenue by creating apps that effectively serve their purpose. A hotel should be able to give customers adequate comfort as a reward for their money if it is to generate adequate revenue.

As a hotel operator, you will agree that the revenue you generate is relative to the amount of customers your get. You can hardly generate enough revenue when people are not making use of the services of your hotel. If you are having some setbacks as regards customer turnout, here are some tips on how to drive revenue through hotel package deals

Offer strategic packages

Nothing works for everyone and everything works for no one. Do not be quick to start copying deals you see or hear other do. Understand your hotel as well as those who frequently use it very well. The fact that the hotel next door works with bookings alone does not mean you should also work with bookings alone. This will not work if your regular customers are those that usually “bump into your hotel” and are soon on their way. A good way to be strategic is to understand how and when people frequent your hotel. You will need to work with bookings more if you get more customers during winter. You can also offer multiple nights packages as well to encourage them stay more than they will do if those packages are not there.

Partner with related firms

Nobody likes a boring hotel, not even a quiet person. It will be terrible for me if I spend the night at a hotel and all they could offer me was food and a place to lay. Even when they may not likely use those extra features, people will most likely go for hotels that come with extra features. You do not need to own multiple firms to do this. You can contact a travel agency, a studio and any other firm that provides services that can thrill your customers. This way, your hotel is already serving your customer from his arrival down to his entertainment and many more.

Improve your hotel’s online presence

Even if you have the best of hotels, nobody will patronize you if they do not know you. I have heard some hotel operators complain that they do not have knowledge of ecommerce development, SEO, magento development and so on. If you are one of those who fall into this category, you still have the option of outsourcing this duty to an ecommerce development company. Ensure that you have a website that can do everything your front desk officers can do and much more. Your website should be fast, contain optimized pictures of strategic places of your hotel, user friendly and mobile friendly. Customers should be able to book for rooms, make payments, make requests, lay complaints and so much more.

Provide quality services consistently

This is a very important aspect that you should even attend to first before talking about promoting your hotel. No amount of marketing can make up for a terrible hotel experience. Offering quality services goes from the service itself to the person offering the service. Your attendants should be polite and respectful at all times. Your services should be prompt and responsive to the needs of the customer. Nobody will be happy to wait for over an hour to get a meal he orders for. Your rooms should be equal to the amount in the opinion of a neutral third party. Do not wait till there is a major complaint before you run maintenance services on your hotel. As a matter of facts, you should run these maintenance checks once you are approaching those periods when your hotel will have more guests.

Pamper your loyal customers

Just like not offering quality services, not pampering your loyal customers will make you get only “one off” customers. Besides the quality you offer, appreciating them will go a long way to strengthen your relationship. Most firms run away from it or try to avoid it because they see it from the financial aspect. Loyalty does not always have to do with money. Retaining a customer’s favourite room whenever he is coming to lodge at your hotel means a lot to that customer. Rendering services at a discounted price and rendering value added services to loyal customers can really boost your relationship with them. To make the most of it, you can make these benefits public so that new customers will look forward to them.

It is important to note however that hotels usually have off and on seasons. You do not expect customers to turnout as much as they would during off seasons like they do during on seasons.