Why Will Hotel Tech Change The Post-Covid Hospitality Industry?

Why Will Hotel Tech Change The Post-Covid Hospitality Industry?

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The Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on different industries has brought affairs to a sorry state. While most are still grappling under the immense pressure of survival in a dynamic market situation, there are some that have transformed themselves for the new post-covid world and ensured that they put up a fortified front, primed to face the challenges that lay ahead. They realized in time that the Covid crisis will be an extended period of pause for the hospitality industry, but surely not a halt and that the only way to come out victorious is to promptly adapt and be pliable. The use of new technology in the hospitality industry has been one such method of refashioning. In this blog, we will be looking in depth at some of the most exciting, transformative hospitality technology trends that will change the present order of the day.

Revenue increment through automated processes:

To ensure the safety of all; guests, as well as employees, hoteliers will have to put into place different policies and follow stringent protocols. Recording health information of the guests visiting your property will help you tackle precarious situations. Automating bookings, through a Property Management Software like Hotelogix , tied to channel managers, may be the only way to keep up with these ever-changing scenarios. One could also consider including facilities to trace contracts, arrange arrival and departure times in a staggered manner, as well as hygiene certification and social distancing.

With the danger of subsequent waves of the Covid-19 pandemic lurking in the background, technology that helps further distribution across sales channels can help ramp up operations quickly when market scenarios change and keep a zealous presence even if things retard. A channel manager software like Axis Rooms could be your best bet for such times, as its core job is to manage the online distribution channels in order to sell your hotel inventory to various agents across the globe, helping you connect with those agents and bring you more bookings and therefore more revenue.

Hospitality tech trends to boost credibility:

In a manner similar to other industries, technology has become a mega driving force in carrying forward operations in hospitality. Mobile payment and keyless room entry systems are commonly expected technologies, among others. In-room technological equipment such as iPads and voice assistants like Google and Amazon Alexa are expectations of a sizable number of guests. Guests want convenience to be built into processes as simple as ordering food, such as the availability and use of in-house tablets and food getting delivered to their rooms or a restaurant taking Covid specific precautions.

Innovative technology obviously comes with a hefty price, but putting together a digital infrastructure for one’s property must be looked at as an investment which is bound to bring returns when things regain normalcy. Proving to your customers that you have devised necessary methods to ensure a quick and safe yet memorable experience will help build your credibility in the market, leading to long term associations.

AI-backed safety protocols:

Problem solving through AI-powered systems is a relatively new factor if we talk about technology trends in the hospitality industry. However, it seems its soon going to be a fundamental element in enhancing safety and security within hotel premises. AI-powered systems such as facial recognition which includes mask detection and thermal camera integration are going to be crucial in achieving specific safety standards.

With the steady progression towards a tech-driven way of life, even Geofencing technologies would not remain far behind. Brands can rebuild consumer confidence in the safety aspect of the tourism industry by utilising location-awareness apps that can also drive acquisition and provide real-time updates, which can be further leveraged to send out push notifications to customers who might be visiting from within a particular radius. This may include directions, instructions, special offers, or promotions and overall makes for a seamless experience by encompassing features such as smart queues and touchless check-ins upon the guests’ arrival or payment prompts on their smartphones during check-out.

Technology-driven sanitization

Safety and hygiene are of utmost importance in the post-pandemic era and the hospitality industry can only thrive if these are well taken care of. To bolster sanitation processes and ensure clean surfaces, hotels will likely adopt HEPA filters and electric disinfectant sprayers. UVC technology is also expected to make an appearance to effectively eliminate any risk in indoor settings. Safety and sanitation is going to take precedence over other factors when guests compare properties before booking their stay and that is why, amping up Covid appropriate technologies is an inevitable step the hospitality industry would have to take.


New technologies in the hospitality industry though may seem like a substantial unaccounted expenditure, considering COVID-19 caught us all unaware, it is undeniably a sure shot way of delivering the gold-standard service that your customers have always sought and are probably now going to expect.