Drone Video For Hotels

Drone Video For Hotels

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With the growing popularity of drones in video production, you can now capture angles and views from your property that could never be caught before. Renting a helicopter is an expensive venture, and then you will have to hire an editor to process all images. With the emergence of flying drones, the marketing in resorts rose to a whole new level.

Filming drone, allows for magical images that a helicopter could never reach, like being on the ocean in a second and then float directly to the main entrance in another second. A video means that your future guests are connected with the experience and combines this feeling with your brand.

There is much more in the process than simply launching a drone and capture an image. There are a number of factors to consider that the promoters of the brand cannot wait and not even consider.

As a promoter, such considerations are important to ensure that the message that is passing of an engaging way that is also effective and efficient. Ultimately, it is vital to pay attention to important technical specifications. These and many other questions should be asked to make sure that your money and your return on investment is as high as possible. Here are some of our recommendations and guidelines to follow to ensure that the general guidelines of quality and style are fully satisfied for your brand.

  1. The shadow of the drone is visible in the final product?
  2. The video footage is shaky or unstable?
  3. Is present any visible effect of “fish eye”?
  4. Sheep have proper length to your audience?
  5. The color was corrected?

There are many uses for a thunderous drone video on mobile applications for websites. As you get more and more viral traffic in social media you want to make sure that your video is the best that can exist in a very competitive landscape. People are fighting for views on the internet and NOBODY will watch a long video that does not reach anywhere.

A video as a means to achieve a goal :

The audience of a video can be a traveler looking of a hotel (where the video sells is the experience), or a guest who is already owned (where the video sells on-site facilities). That is why it is important to know what your goals before you start.

  • Is it to increase reserves? Then make a video for a website that shows how your experience is different.
  • It is to increase revenue per customer? Then, use a video inside the room to sell other aspects of your hotel.
  • move to a restaurant business? Use these videos throughout the property to advertise internally.

Videos and short films are highly dependent on the aesthetics of the brand. As there is no formula “prefabricated” for a boutique hotel, there should be no rigid formula to content.

“Right now, the current idea of ​​video is the creation of a video of the” overview of the hotel, “which includes pictures of all aspects of the property. If I make a holiday booking with the family, do not care to view photos business centers. If I’m already at the hotel, do not want to see the room photos where I’m sitting. Instead, we create stories to make every aspect of exciting hotel, and target content for the viewer to see at the right time, thereby increasing their total expenses during their stay. ”