Google Hotel Ads: What Does Google’s All Options Feature Mean for Your Hotel?

Google Hotel Ads: What Does Google’s All Options Feature Mean for Your Hotel?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

In this fast-pacing world, travellers today have become tech-savvy and digital more than ever. According to Condor, 700 million people will book their hotel rooms online by 2023. This is where Google Hotel Ads can play a huge role in your business.

As you must know, the requirements and demands of tourists are forever evolving with time. Therefore, it is imperative for you, as a hotelier, to embrace and implement all the trendy technology, not just offline but digitally too. Doing this will certainly boost your visibility, help revamp business strategies, and also nurture and grow your business.

But are you someone from the hotel industry who finds it difficult to make their hotel or property more accessible to the world? 

To help you do so, Google Hotel Ads Partner can be used to add your hotel to Google Hotel Finder.

In this post you’ll learn what Google Hotel Ads are and how it can help you become more visible and reachable in today’s highly competitive digital world. 

What are Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads, originally called Google Hotel Finder, is a dynamic tool that was launched in 2011. It allows and empowers you to showcase your hotels and resorts on Google when one searches for them on the search engine.

If you add your hotel to Google Hotel Finder, it will help you track every step of your guest’s travel planning process. No matter what device they use or how they search, these ads will get your hotels or resorts seen at the right time, by the right people.

Also, your guests can see the complete data of your hotel, such as rates, availability, amenities, reviews, and so on, with the help of Google Hotel Listing. These hotel ads also come with a “Book a room” button, which helps travelers book directly with a hotel right from the search results.

But the question remains, why do you need to add your hotel to Google Hotel Finder when you can avail yourself of similar features from OTAs (online travel agencies)? 

Why Do You Require Google Hotel Ads’ Aid for Your Hotel?

Hoteliers are open-eyed about the crusades of online travel agencies and how tourists are mostly inclined towards them for bookings. Even then, travellers, either looking for OTAs or hotel websites, always begin their search from the Google search engine, of course. 

This is where Google Hotel Listing enters and acts like a blessing in disguise.

It is one of the most effective features for hoteliers. This mighty tool can provide your business the opportunity to capture the attention of millions of travellers during the booking process if you add your hotel to Google Hotel Finder.

You can use it to increase direct bookings from your hotel website and to avoid paying the rising commission fees of the OTAs.

Here Are Some Benefits of Becoming Google Hotel Ads Partners:

  • Increase the number of direct bookings your hotel generates
  • Attract travellers searching for a hotel in a specific area
  • Gain control over all aspects of the customer journey
  • Benefit from increased access to customer information
  • Increase in revenue

Now that you’re well aware of hotel ads and how it can benefit you, if you opt for it, let’s talk about what’s new in business. Have you heard about Google’s All Options feature?

What Is Google’s All Options Feature and What it Means for Your Hotel

The Google Hotel Ads feature has been remodelled now into two-channel listing sections: one is called Paid Ads and the other one is All Options.

All Options is a new feature where Google Hotel Ads Partners receive visibility on their listing, paying nothing to be featured, considering they have a direct integration with Google. Typically, there are four results in the featured listings, whereas All Options will show up to 10, with the ability to expand for more.

This feature makes it easier for hoteliers to connect with travellers on the platform. This also builds a new way to reach potential guests, drive more traffic, and confirm more bookings.

Although this new listing structure in this feature is free, your hotel will still need a certified integration partner that can connect you to Google Hotel Ads.

Channel Manager Integration with Google Hotel Search

Once done registering with a certified integration partner, your hotel will be incorporated within the integration partner’s feed. It will be eligible to show up in All Options without additional cost and initial investments.

Now here’s an amazing deal: If you are a hotel partner of AxisRooms, you can now easily drive customers directly to your website and sell room upgrades and additional services. 

With the help of our channel manager tool, you will also be able to show live rates and availability, and the possibility for travellers to carry out online bookings directly through the most popular search engine of the world, Google. 

AxisRooms channel manager administers rates, inventory, and bookings across all online channels in real time; this includes Google hotel search too. Once you add your hotel to Google Hotel Finder and then integrate it with AxisRooms channel manager, managing your Google Hotel Listings will become effortless and trouble-free. 

Seize This Opportunity

Nowadays, most hotels want to be independent and are always on the lookout for more direct bookings at a low commission or for free. Becoming a Google Hotel Ads Partner will be a wise decision for your hotel business to drive traffic and direct bookings to your hotel’s website.

So here’s what you should do: 

Join hands with AxisRooms’ channel manager and take advantage of this amazing tool.

Doing so will change your business entirely. We guarantee you will also notice tremendous direct sales on your website and a huge rise in revenues.