Mistakes to Avoid While Advertising For Your Hotel

Mistakes to Avoid While Advertising For Your Hotel

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In these times, it is essential that your hotel be present on social networks. But that’s not all, you must be active! You can’t imagine the potential of these tools… Indeed, it increases your visibility throughout the traveler search and booking process, strengthens your ties with your customers and builds new ones, etc. It is therefore quite naturally that your notoriety will gradually increase with advertising.

It is important to keep in mind that the more you publish, the more you attract! It is therefore advisable to keep a schedule that Advertising company dubai or Digital agency can offer us in order to organize itself properly to avoid certain mistakes during advertising.

Beware of false announcements

On the strength of their dominant positions, some booking platforms use fraudulent practices to encourage clicks. Before booking, here are some tips to avoid pitfalls.

“More than two rooms available”, “five people are currently looking at the page”, it is not uncommon to see this type of mention. If they are not all intended to trap you, you must remain vigilant.

Flash offers and promotions

Since August 6, 2015, hoteliers are no longer bound by the tariff parity clause. The other side of the coin? The same room can be displayed at different rates, check also that the price is inclusive of VAT; the additional taxes must be mentioned. Finally, be sure to keep a cool head when faced with barred prices.

Online reviews and rankings

The consumer pays a lot of attention to the comments, but not all opinions are true. In the face of these bad practices, platforms have an obligation of transparency.

Since 1 January, they must be able to explain the criteria by which they moderate and check the opinions and rankings published on their sites. Finally, it may be useful to look at the booking process. Is payment made in advance? Is there a time limit for arrival? What are the cancellation conditions?

All this information is essential to leave with peace of mind.


Loyalty is played in two parts. First of all, customer knowledge comes into play. The personalization of service is above all a creator of memories, a customer experience and a more intimate relationship with the hotel.

Native advertising

Native advertising is a form of modern advertising reporting. That is, instead of interrupting the user with advertising content that appears out of nowhere, a message is displayed based on the context automatically. For example, on twitter, it will simply be a sponsored link. It offers two advantages: an increased perception of credibility of its content and higher click rates.

The competition

First of all, you will have to answer these questions:

  • Who are my competitors? Who is the principal?
  • What do they propose?
  • What are their strengths? Weak points?
  • What is the promise made to their customer?
  • How did they manage to have such a notoriety/renown?
  • What is their communication strategy? Does it seem to be working?

Relationship with OTAs

OTAs (or online travel agencies) offer many advantages. Indeed:

  • The speed of implementation on the platform
  • Simplification of processes: management is made easier (this is a criterion to be taken into account when looking for a partner)
  • The growing awareness that this tool allows to develop, without the language barrier
  • Its accessibility: on PC, smartphone, tablet….
  • Its performance in web marketing

BUT be careful! There are limits. OTAs are also known for their disadvantages… such as the fact that they buy the trade name of your hotel. Some even make it impossible for you to manage your presence and customer comments (positive or not), or to communicate with them.


Prospecting does not necessarily mean prospecting with travellers… No, you can prospect in order to create partnerships with local companies! Indeed, it would allow you to broaden your range, attract new customer profiles, meet more needs and finally differentiate yourself from the competition! And then, who knows, it may lead to a great competitive advantage…

On the other hand, as part of an event, it is recommended to prospect or let people know in the area that your hotel will organize something:

► Rates

Room prices must be posted at the reception desk, in the room itself and outside the hotel. The display must include prices, taxes and services included and, where applicable, the price of breakfast, half board and board for the room.

In the dining room or at the bar, the display of drinks and foodstuffs for sale is mandatory. Finally, the price of telephone calls must be brought to your attention.

► Booking

More than 9 out of 10 customers use the Internet to search for a hotel. However, beware of discrepancies between the price published online and the price actually charged, distorted price comparisons and the incentive to book urgently by making it appear that these are the last rooms available.

► Payment

► Arrival and departure times

► Breakfast

► Chamber not in conformity with its description

► Single

► Animals

► Flight