Tips to create a perfect app for hotel business

Tips to create a perfect app for hotel business

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If you are a hotel owner or operator, an app will do your hotel business some good. This is a means of getting close and personal with your customers. This does not come easy though as you will have to consider a number of things and get them right. You need to understand the sole purpose of the app and design your app to serve that purpose. If you are ready, here are some tips to create a perfect app for your hotel business.

The growth of ecommerce has been substantial and steady. It is growing and diversifying as well. With features like woocommerce smart coupons, woocommerce product bundles amongst others means that you can take your business to a completely new level. No matter how small you think your business is, you can create an online presence for your business. This can come in form of a website or an application. A website is a very good way to start, as it is relatively cheaper and easier than an app. However, an app is a more personalized than a website. An ecommerce app can automatically provide you will content that are suitable to your location amongst other features. You will not have to scan through webpages, as apps are faster than websites in terms of navigation.

Your hotel app’s name and logo should ooze your business

It will not be in your best interest if I cannot tell if your app is a hotel app by looking at the name and logo. This is even more important if your brand is a budding brand. An app is similar to a website in this regard. Permit me to use “cheapflyair” as an example. From the name, you can tell that it has to do with flying. The same goes for your hotel app. You can still use your brand name for your app but it will be to your advantage to add “hotel” after your brand name. This will tell people that your app is a hotel app from first glance. Your app should contain actual pictures of your hotel, it rooms and other facilities within it. Do not use images of what you do not have and start giving excuses. You will not get away from it.

Optimize your navigation

This is another crucial feature for your hotel. I will forever remain a fan of three clicks or three steps navigation. If I need to click more than three times to get what I want, you need to work on your app navigation. Choosing a hotel is hard enough; do not make it any harder.

Make it easy to make payments

You will definitely have issues with your customers if they have to stress themselves while making payments. Your payment option should be very easy. The only time it should be anything less than very easy should be the first time your customer is using your app.

Optimize your search options

This will be possible if your inventory skill is good. If you do not know how many rooms are available or taken, you will have issues with this feature. Work with your inventory and optimize your search so that you do not end up over booking your rooms. That is a fast way to lose customers.

Always use information your clients provide you

I really need not over emphasize this feature. Information includes the basic as well as the financial information. From their profile, you will be able to ascertain the type of rooms they will like and be able to afford. From their financial information, it will also be easier for them to make payments.

Ensure that customer information is ALWAYS safe

There are two major parts of an app. They include the front end (for customers) and the back end (for admins). You should ensure that the back end of your app as this is where data theft can occur. You always ensure that you avoid data theft or data loss of sorts.

Value added service are not a bad idea, you should embrace them

You will not be the only hotel with an app. However, you can give yourself an edge. You can collaborate with travel agencies as well as restaurants and other related service providers. This will help to increase your chances of patronage.