What Hotel CRM Services Bring to the Table

What Hotel CRM Services Bring to the Table

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Customer Relationship Management software is what every hotel business today uses to manage transactions, track communications and handle overall sales and service operations. A company would be handicapped and would face many obstacles if not for CRM software. Be it having one-on-one conversations with clients or responding to customer complaints, your CRM has a role to play. In addition to that, managing sales pipelines, tracking leads and overseeing support queries are also done using the CRM software.

A CRM is more than just a piece of technology, it is a lifeline. If at all you thought there was a chance you run a business with just a notepad and a spreadsheet, you would be mistaken. CRM services are essential to business growth, maintaining consistency and also to enable you to reduce the risk of errors. To bring increased productivity to the workplace, CRM places a crucial role.


CRM for the Hotel Industry

The hospitality industry is an ever growing one. It literally depends on creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. So, a CRM and the hospitality industry go together like bread and butter. If you own a hotel chain, you know that your product is not a hotel room, it is the service of guests. Reviews and ratings are what generate more sales. Your brand value depends on how good you make your guests feel. Hotel Management CRM services give you exactly the right equipment to enhance guest experience but at the same time make work much simpler for you. Bringing proper organisation to your business is how you make good service possible.


What can Hotel CRM do?

Improved CX Scores

At the risk of repetition, giving guests the best experience is obviously the bottom line. Keeping this in mind, you can use your CRM to make that happen, before and after. This even applies to a new user who is out there browsing for hotels. Your website, social media pages and helpdesk can all be integrated with your CRM, giving you the power to handle all transactions on a single dashboard. Moreover, you can give your customers a fully omni-channel experience by allowing them to reach you via phone, email, social media, web forms and live chat.

Once a user makes contact, your CRM enables you to collect and record key contact details so as to provide better service when dealing with them again. Every customer wants to feel special and your support agent can greet them with the historical data, thus saving time and providing a VIP experience at the same time.


Building Brand Recognition

Online Reputation management is a key aspect of business, especially for large businesses. Sales bring in the big bucks but marketing is what ensures that sales are consistent. An active online presence doubled up with targeted marketing is the right way to go. A great CRM accommodates email marketing along with its sales and service modules. Running marketing campaigns is just the first step, following up enquiries, curating leads and managing interactions can all be done at one place. The prime focus is on responding fast, which again is made possible by AI chatbots, round the clock. A brand that has a high and fast response rate is surely a likeable one. By providing quick responses you can increase the chance of speedy resolutions a ten-fold.


Customer Analysis

One other thing, among many others, that a CRM can help you with is generating a complete analysis into customers. Past booking, the number of enquiries, lost leads, repeat customers, etc. all come into play. A CRM has hundreds of report formats that can help you get  the numbers on what you think will help you grow. Productivity reports and sales forecasting are great ways to ensure that you are on the right track. Using key metrics, a CRM can auto generate reports that can provide useful insights into business growth.

Not just this, CRMs offer a business enough flexibility by offering tons of customisations. You can define logics for an approval matrix and also assign an escalation matrix. Additionally, API integrations with various third-party apps can give your CRM extra functionalities. CRM software is scalable, it does not matter if you own one hotel or a chain of hotels, it can handle all of it quite efficiently. All in all, hotel CRM services bring convenience and ease of usage to your workplace and a much improved user experience for customers.