How to get the most out of your email marketing

How to get the most out of your email marketing

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

We all get the email. Far too many emails. We are bombarded by them. But perhaps what is more aggravating than the sheer volume of emails we receive, is how poorly many of these emails are done. Each email in a user’s inbox only gets a split-second of attention. Everything from how the email starts off to how it’s formatted has a big impact on whether I’m going to give it another three seconds of my attention or not.


There’s the exact wording of a subject line, precise time to hit send, or that little quirk of design. All can have a big impact on whether your customers click Archive or Open. Which means that every little tip and trick is potentially super useful.

Segmentation and personalisation are key to successful email marketing. They may sound like big words, but actually are quite easy to execute, even for small, owner-operated properties.

Here are some tips to get you on the path to email marketing success.

Know your audience

Know who your audience is and make sure to send them messages that are relevant to them. One of the worst mistakes you can make with your email marketing is to simply blast every subscriber on your list with the same message.

Using list segmentation to send the right message as well as to the right audience is critical to success with email marketing. List segmentation is simple to do. I suggest working with an e-mail marketing platform, like Marketo, to make sure your email campaigns are segmented to reach the right audiences.


Significant Subject lines

The subject lines are like ice cream flavours-the more you have to choose from the better. “Write several subject lines. You want to make sure your subject line is short with so many people reading e-mail on phones, and you want to make sure it has a clear call to action that draws attention. After all, you have to get an Open before you’re going to get a click.


Scrub and verify your email list

When someone is adding his or her e-mail address to your list it’s possible they make a mistake. They can provide a fake email altogether or they eventually change to a new email address. This can not only have a negative effect on your email delivery performance but also as the emails can bounce, go directly into spam folders and even get you labelled as a spammer. Run your list through a scrubbing and verification service on a regular basis to make sure you are always working with an accurate list.


Have one clear call-to-action

If you don’t have one clearly defined call-to-action, you are going to experience minimal results. Your subscribers don’t have time to read through long emails. Try to determine what you want them to do or what exactly your offer is. If your recipient doesn’t know what you want them to do within seconds of opening your e-mail. Whether that’s visiting a page, calling a phone number or completing a form, they will most likely delete your email.


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