PMS Integration: How Connection Between A Hotel PMS and Channel Manager Affects Your Business?

PMS Integration: How Connection Between A Hotel PMS and Channel Manager Affects Your Business?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

In today’s competitive world, the hotel industry is aggressively hustling to get dynamic results by transforming its business practices from manual to digital. After the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring digital services has become even more important. Using an online channel manager can help achieve this goal of providing superior customer service.

According to FinancesOnline, 81% of travellers want greater digital customer service from hotel brands. But it is imperative to have a satisfactory global online visibility to reach out to guests all over the world.

But as a hotelier, is your hotel prepared for situations like overbooking and double bookings? Are you sure that you’re updated with all the industry’s innovative digital trends? Is your hotel or property integrated with any hotel property management software? 

If not, this blog will tell you what is online channel management system and what PMS in the hospitality industry means. An online channel manager system puts your hotel on a global map, and with the integration of a hotel PMS, managing your hotel will become easy-breezy.

But before we get to that, let’s first understand what an online channel manager is and how it works.

What Is A Hotel Channel Manager?

A hotel channel manager is a system that enables you to keep track of your room rates and availability across various Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). It manages its tasks in real-time all at once.

A channel manager operates from a central point, allowing you to update your room rates and bookings digitally across various OTA platforms concurrently. It controls and manages overbooking and double booking of rooms by keeping track of all the listings. You can use it to manage your hotel website as well. 

Now, let’s address what a channel management system is.

What Is Channel Management System?

A channel management system in the hotel industry simply means using a hotel channel manager tool to manage your inventory on various online booking channels. 

A hotel channel management system works by ensuring management of room’s availability, reservations, and updates of room rates. Also, the best hotel channel manager works well with a two-way integration, for instance, with a hotel PMS. 

This is a saviour for your front desk staff to run your hotel operations effortlessly and facilitate outstanding customer services to your guests. But what is a hotel PMS and how does it work in the hospitality world?

What Is Hotel PMS (Property Management System)?

A Property Management System (PMS) is a mighty and impressive tool that helps you manage many aspects of your property.

It makes your everyday management simpler and aids in daily functionalities from a single dashboard. It helps you take care of room reservations, rates, payments, guest information, and other daily operations. 

How Does PMS In Hospitality Industry Works?

Although each PMS is different, most PMS systems perform similar functions to cater to the guests, as well as the hotel management process. They make everything seamless and trouble-free. 

When connected to a channel manager system, the hotel property management software sends your hotel’s availability and rate information to it. The channel manager then sends the inventory updates to your connected channels. 

The hotel property management software works in the following ways:

  • It enables you to manage direct online bookings of guests, which includes recording, tracking, and taking payments for reservations. 
  • It lets you communicate directly with your guests and also sends them automated emails before and after their stay period. 
  • It also offers housekeeping management features, like enabling you to view the condition of the room. It then helps schedule cleaning and maintenance tasks for housekeepers without disturbing your guests. 
  • It also keeps track of your financial accounts and revenues.
  • The system is fully cloud-based. Hence, it requires minimal or no IT support team or hardware.
  • It allows integration with a channel manager tool to manage accommodation availability and their rates and helps generate improved revenue.

Integrating a channel manager with your hotel property management system will be of great advantage when managing your hotel or property. 

Now you might think, how does this integration work, and how will it affect your business?

How Does Hotel PMS Integration With Online Channel Manager Works?

The integration between a hotel PMS and a channel manager system benefits you, as a hotelier, to automate the process, synchronize booking, keep checks at overbooking and increase your revenue efficiently.

Let’s understand why this property management system integration with an online channel manager is of central importance for running hotel operations hassle-free:

  • The best channel manager for hotels helps automatically update inventory, rates, cancellations, and reservations across multiple OTAs in real-time. It makes the process high-speed, error-free, and well organized.
  • It helps save a lot of time. It omits the requirement of manually updating room bookings, rates, and cancellations on all the channels where your hotel or property is listed. 
  • Overbooking and double booking are massive challenges for most hoteliers. You can deal with this when you integrate your hotel PMS with a channel manager system
  • With the best online channel manager, your brand’s online presence and visibility will get an enormous boost. If you want to create a global presence and wish travellers to reach you from all around the world, this integration will satisfy your needs and demands as a hotelier.

AxisRooms’ channel manager is a splendid choice for integration with your hotel property management system to manage accommodation rates, inventory, and bookings across all online channels in real-time.

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