How Can Hospitality Tech Attract Business Travelers?
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How Can Hospitality Tech Attract Business Travelers?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

The hospitality industry is constantly in pursuit of adapting to new trends and technologies to attract business travellers and vacationing guests. The businesses running under this industry need much more than just trend utilization to grow and thrive in profitability. The technology adaptation of the hospitality sector has paid off in getting the attention of business travellers.

Business travellers are growing stupendously across the globe. It includes trade shows, networking events, corporate shows, conferences, and much more. Strange is that not many hotel businesses are considering it a priority opportunity. 

Rockport Analytics surveyed the market and stated that the business travel segment grew from $1.3 trillion in 2016 to $1.7 trillion in 2021. One good jump is enough to help the hospitality sector count on it as a priority marketing target. 

But, how to do it when your hotel business is not upgraded with the latest technologies? The era of booking hotels physically is long gone. People are now relying on feasibility and accessibility without much effort. 

So, how can good hospitality tech help you attract business travellers? It is time to find out with relevant touchpoints below. 

Different Ways Technology Is Helping Hotels Acquire Corporate Travelers

Different technology implementations and upgrades have helped hotels get more attention from business travellers. All you need to do is understand their needs, and they will reciprocate accordingly. Here are some of the top tech upgrades and implementations you must pay attention to for substantial growth in your reservations from corporate travellers:

1. Embrace the Direct Booking Engine

The best way to bring business travellers to your hotel is by giving them the accessibility they want. You have your hotel listed with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), but they don’t convey much about your business or the amenities you have to offer. 

It is you who can explain your best offerings to your guests. And for that, you need to draw the attention of business travellers to your official hotel website. Use of this latest booking engine technology will help you increase your sales by automating your website and making it operate itself 24/7 to acquire more bookings. 

Direct bookings from your website will not just help you increase your reservation count but will also contribute towards building a profit peak on your assessment graph. Set a specific algorithm to display the special rates for corporate travellers on your website. Make it evident that the offer is valid only when the guests book from your official website. 

When your booking engine has the programming to reflect it to business trip organizers, you will have plenty of bookings in hand for sure. Set that up right away, if you haven’t already done the same. 

2. Try Virtual Reality

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality businesses were concerned about marketing their products and keeping up with the business flow. So, there was a trend to use Virtual Reality (VR) as a prime technology to advertise hotel rooms, amenities, and activities to potential guests. 

When you attract business travellers, they want to know if you have conference rooms, meeting halls, independent working zones, and a good room. With the competition in this industry, almost all hotels are targeting corporate travellers and are going way beyond the edge to add amenities and offers to attract them. 

Propose a virtual tour of your hotel for your business-travelling guests. Share your VR link with them so they can view it with their web browser. Leave a recommendation on your website to use VR glasses if they have access to them for a more lively experience. You can promote your VR link to the targeted audience on social media and on your websites. 

Your booking engine will play a major role here in closing the deals. Connect all important dots and make sure your potential guests can make an easy decision to book with you right after they complete the virtual tour. 

2. Use Mobile Check-In

Your next corporate guest might not have the time to wait at the reception and complete the check-in procedures. It is not always mandatory for a group of delegates to visit together at a hotel with a manager to handle the check-ins. An individual traveller might also travel to attend meetings and presentations. 

Even though the trips are already organized by the managers, most hotels still make their guests wait in the lobby before handing them the key. Don’t do it for your hotel, and switch to technology upgrades. With an optimal property management system integrated with booking engine software, you can add a mobile check-in feature with all necessary procedures. 

Let a business trip organizer or an individual traveller use this feature and do all their procedures before reaching the hotel. In this way, you can hand them over the keys right when they enter your hotel premises, without making them wait. 

With mobile check-in, they will have their room numbers in hand, and you will have prior information about their arrival to prep the room and avoid keeping them waiting. 

AxisRooms Offers You The Most Sophisticated Booking Engine To Grow Your Hotel Business

The booking engine by AxisRooms will help you with multiple management features under one roof. Our platform is entirely cloud-based, making it accessible for your team, regardless of place and time. 

Some of the features that we have to offer with our booking engine are:

  • Easy tax setup
  • In-depth reports
  • Manage bookings
  • Multiple payment options
  • One login for all
  • Dependent rooms and meals
  • Highlight promotions and deals

You are yet to learn about many other functional benefits that you would get on switching to the booking engine by AxisRooms. Along with the automated booking feature, you can also manage the manual bookings right from the central dashboard. 

Our booking engine enables you to offer flexibility to business travellers by letting them choose to pay online or at a hotel. You can also set up the custom tax rates for invoicing purposes so that your bills are always compliant with the latest laws. 

Moving on, you have a reporting system where you can see the entire booking calendar throughout a select time period. All the check-in and check-out information is updated within these reports, and you can access them through our channel manager. 

Head to our website and select ‘Booking Engine’ from the product section. Now, fill out the form and let us know how we can connect with you for a demonstration. Following that, if you like the features and its implementation for your hotel business, we can go ahead and integrate it full-time. 

Summing Up

Every small and medium-sized hotel needs to give its utmost effort to build a website, market the services, acquire sales, process check-ins, and generate profits. It is overwhelming for a small team to handle such big tasks and keep the business running up front. 

Therefore, technological renovations are quite essential for your hotel business. AxisRooms brings you modern-day hospitality tech solutions that will make it easy for you and your team members to manage and run the hotel business. 

You don’t have to stress on most managerial tasks once you integrate your business with these solutions. The time and effort that you saved can now be utilized for excelling the business in other directions. 

Check out our website, and you will have a better insight into what we have to offer at AxisRooms.