How Can Hotels Optimize Presence on Google?

How Can Hotels Optimize Presence on Google?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

In this new world where most businesses start online, hotels have an advantage to them that they are present physically and their beauty is on display for us all to see. So if they also build their optimize hotel’s presence on Google, the combined experience of online and offline can help boost their visibility and conversion rates.

Not only that, optimizing your hotel’s presence on Google will keep your hotel ahead of your competitors, boost the local ranking and establish your hotel’s credibility. 

So there is just no excuse to sit back in the current competitive market. Why should the small-sized hotel be left behind in today’s digital era, when every other organization is steadily increasing its digital marketing strategy with Google Hotel Ads and other Google tools? 

Read ahead and learn about 7 ways you can optimize hotel’s presence on Google:

1. To Target Potential Customers, Use Google Analytics for Hotels

As Google Analytics is a free online tool, hoteliers must ensure that they take full advantage of it and that their hotel identifies it appropriately. There’s much helpful information regarding the buying process and new data on demographics, varieties, preferences of website users, and many more. Hotels must effectively use this data to find which customer groups to target.

You can also discover more about the sales process in Google Analytics and which sections on your site get the highest website traffic or have resulted in conversions. After that, you can define goals to monitor specific areas of the conversion process.

2. Take Full Advantage of Google Hotel Ads in This Competitive Life

Google Hotel Ads support hotels in promoting their services on Google and Google Maps over computers, tablets, and smartphones. It helps and equips you to promote your hotels on Google whenever anyone searches for them.

Some of the benefits of Google Hotel Ads are as follows: 

  • It boosts the number of direct reservations your hotel gets.
  • It attracts tourists looking for a hotel in a particular location.

With the power of Google Hotel listing, your customers can access all your hotel’s information, including prices, availability, facilities, ratings, and more. These hotel adverts also include icons to book rooms in the hotel, allowing visitors to book straight from the google results.

3. Importance of Micro-moments in User Engagement

Visitors usually don’t spend much time in one place. You must make an effort to engage them. Consider what they could be seeking before they arrive at the hotel. You’re looking for those moments like “Where’s a good place to stay?”

Don’t forget to include content on your website about the regular on-goings in the local area and the tourist sites nearby. Cover timely events, too, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

4. Transforming Your Website

If your website is outdated and hasn’t been maintained in a long time, you must fix it immediately. Update it and add blog content. People enjoy reading travel guides and articles on hotels, cuisine, and the history of the location they are visiting.

It would be best to catch up with the current trends related to your hotel business to attract website traffic. Make sure your hotel website is responsive and user-friendly. Something which is difficult to access and takes a long time to load is a big no-no as it can lower your website traffic. Update the gallery and highlight the best testimonials and reviews.

5. Use Google Ads to Shine

To reach the right target audience you must include the audience list in your AdWords account. It would be best to keep in mind that you invest in the audience you want to reach to appear higher in search results. It’s how you beat the OTAs.

The value of relevance cannot be overestimated. Ensure that your website connects to your ads and is relevant to what users are looking for.

Include mobile keywords like “hotels near me” in your adverts, and consider the last-minute aspect of such searches with an urgent call-to-action like “book now.”

At the beginning of the year, expanded text ads were introduced. It has more text lines and a higher conversion ratio. Add local keywords instead of city keywords, for example, “Garden city hotel” or anything else specific to the hotel’s services. Then, on top of that, add the audience database.

6. Use Google My Business for Your Hotel

As the epitome of knowledge, Google allows users to search the whole world with just a single click. It is the most convenient way for tourists to choose a suitable hotel for staying.

The Google My Business profile has gained much attraction since it allows businesses to establish a unique online brand. Tourists also have a variety of alternatives depending on the hotel ranking. It is dependent on many factors, such as:

  • Communication of your audience list 
  • Content created by users like reviews and photos
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Updating your account daily

Your Google ranking would improve if you follow these criteria.

Using GMB, any hotel can showcase prices from all online travel agencies. As a result, tourists can choose the better hotel with the lowest prices. Won’t it become easy for you to optimize your hotel’s Google presence?

You can also run different offers on your website to attract direct reservations. Besides, Google My Business builds a free site for your hotel during the signup process. If your business does not have one, now is the time to get one and Google can guide you.

There’s also a feature called “Hotel attributes,” which is only available to hotels. It allows you to make a complete list of your facilities in detail. You only have to change the type of feature you wish to add.

Let’s assume you have to increase the number of points in the “Food and beverages” category. Enter that feature and select all necessary options, like cafe, dining, bar, buffet service, etc.

It will save your time in creating different content for it. Google My Business also ensures that you do not miss out on your hotel’s services.

7. Combine Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing, e-commerce, and CRM to Optimize Digital Marketing

It’s essential to optimize your digital marketing. This is something we’re seeing hotels are doing a lot right now. They’re reorganizing e-commerce, revenue management, selling, marketing, and connecting customer information and analytics with advertising content. All of this is built based on data. This would enhance digital marketing and direct bookings.

How Can AxisRooms Help You to Optimize Your Presence on Google?

Many hotels presently wish to be independent and are continually looking for more direct reservations at a minimal cost or even free. For your hotel business to increase visitors and direct bookings to your site, being a Google Hotel Ads Partner is a smart move.

Collaborate with AxisRooms’ Google Hotel Ads to make the most of this powerful tool which can completely transform your hotel business. Try it out and witness a significant increase in direct bookings and profit through your website.