How Technology Extensively Contributes to Overall Hotel Revenue?
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How Technology Extensively Contributes to Overall Hotel Revenue?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

Technological trends are accelerating at an extraordinary pace, and they play a vital role in every business sector. The technology used in the hotel industry is no different. There’s no denying that hospitality technology boosts the hotel’s income, whether it’s a small hotel or a global brand.

Do you feel your hotel is not prepared enough to handle bookings and there is no growth in overall revenue whatsoever?

If your nod means a yes, the solution to your setbacks is technology used in the hotel industry.

Travellers nowadays want services that are tech-driven, convenient to use and provide tailored experiences. The changing demands and desires of travellers are influencing how hotels operate.

This blog will tell you how technology used in the hotel industry can boost sales and increase your visibility. 

But before that, let’s understand what exactly is a hotel tech.

What is Technology in the Hospitality Industry?

Like many IT and e-commerce innovations, hospitality technology is a smart hotel technology solution in the hospitality sector. 

The purpose of integrating hotel tech into the hotel’s business is to make management more efficient and alleviate work stress for hotel staff. It also helps enhance the experience of the hotel’s guests by automating several services and boosting the hotel’s overall revenue.

How Does Technology Used in the Hotel Industry Increase Hotel Revenue?

There is no way to overstate how crucial it is these days for hoteliers like you to use hospitality-specific solutions to manage hotel operations and increase sales.

Customised services made with advanced technologies ensure client satisfaction. The happier and more comfortable visitors feel at your hotel, the more likely they will recommend it to others.

Here are three ways in which hotel technology is incorporated to increase revenue in the hospitality industry:

  • Technology used in the hotel industry automates your booking experience and simplifies the entire reservation process. The possibility of human error is considerably reduced, saving you from booking losses due to overbooking and double bookings.

Because hotel tech streamlines most operations, your front desk crew can instantly accept bookings and check guests in.

There are hotel technologies that enable you to handle hotel operations directly from your smartphone. You can accept bookings, check visitors in and out, and do a variety of additional activities.

  • Technology used in hotels improves the productivity of your employees. When it comes to maximising revenues, hotels often tend to forget their employees’ work effectiveness. Hotels must ensure employees’ efficiency since it improves client servicing, which ultimately leads to the hotel’s profitability. 

The everyday operations of a hotel have become considerably easier, thanks to technological advancements. Instead of spending time sitting in front of computers or performing time-consuming manual chores, hotel employees now have more time to attend to their visitors’ needs.

  • The rates you set for your hotel rooms are important to your business’s success, and it needs smart decision-making. Hospitality technology solutions assist you in making informed and wise decisions.

These tools simplify the procedure for you by analysing the market and determining the tariffs currently offered at competitor hotels. Having this data at your disposal makes it much easier to make an informed decision for your hotel’s growth. 

So, all-in-all, these hotel tech tools not only help you increase your net profit but are an indispensable asset that works for you when you are not actively working. 

Let’s find out some of the hotel technology trends that are on the rise currently.

What Are the Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry?

Following are three technology trends in hospitality that can help by automating human chores, promoting sanitation and safety and enhancing customer happiness:

Transactions via Contactless Systems

Hotels benefit from contactless payments in a variety of ways. Therefore, this has become one of the most important technological advancements in the hotel industry in recent years. 

Even if they do not have their wallets with them or their ATM card has been lost or stolen, visitors can make mobile contactless payments. Furthermore, now that Covid-19’s fear is deeply rooted in the minds of hotel guests, contactless payments could be an effective way to eliminate human contact.


For years, chatbots have been a growing hospitality technology trend. It’s in high demand, especially now that customers want quick responses to their inquiries at all hours of the day. 

Hotels also frequently receive inquiries from people in different time zones, making it difficult to have staff at that moment available to revert.

A smart chatbot will address the most frequently asked queries without the need for human intervention. The chatbot can gather information from the client and then forward the inquiry to a human service member as soon as possible.

Mobile Check-In

Another important tech to consider is mobile check-in in hospitality technology. This facility has the potential to improve the client experience from the moment they arrive.

Importantly, mobile check-ins eliminate the requirement for face-to-face engagement. This means customers can have flexibility in terms of when they check-in. Mobile check-in, like contactless payments, is relevant to broader contactless technology trends in the hospitality sector.

These industrial trends make everything very convenient for the hotel staff as well as your guests. 

Now that we’ve reached this far, we will introduce you to specific digital technology in the hospitality industry that can optimise your booking processes and play a huge role in increasing a hotel’s revenue.

It is called a channel manager.

What is a Channel Management System?

Channel management in the hotel industry is a solution specifically designed to help hoteliers like you and your workforce. It can help manage user information, online availability, and room rates more efficiently and securely. 

A channel management system also enables hotels to update their information in real-time across multiple platforms. This user-friendly tool keeps potential visitors updated so that they can make informed decisions when booking their travels. 

It also solves the tedious tasks of manually updating reservations and rates across all channels, including your hotel website, leading to substantial time efficiency. In addition, channel manager software maximises occupancy, direct bookings, and online sales.

Sounds brilliant, right?

You would be pleased to know how great it can contribute to your hotel’s overall revenue.

How Does the Channel Manager Work? 

The channel manager system works by giving users access to a centralised dashboard with a wide range of features. These features can assist you in managing, growing, and continuously increasing your bookings and sales.

Hotel channel manager is unquestionably beneficial for small and medium-sized hotels or properties. With features like real-time room reservations and availability, hoteliers can make any updates they want. An online channel manager also reduces the chances of overbooking and double booking of rooms.

But, that’s not all!

A hotel channel manager software has a lot to offer than you can imagine.

Advantages of hotel Booking Channel manager

With growing hospitality industry trends, partnering with a hotel channel management system can prove to be highly beneficial for your hotel.

Here are seven advantages of channel management software for hotels that make it a trustworthy software in the hospitality sector:

  • Increase in reservations via the internet
  • Increase in direct bookings
  • Increased brand awareness and exposure on a worldwide scale.
  • Increased occupancy and sales.
  • Spending time in various extranets is no longer necessary.
  • Update inventory data in a relatively short time.
  • When entering or changing rates and availability, there is no room for human error.

With these added benefits, a cloud channel manager makes hotel operations effortless. 

Time to Partner with the Best Hotel Channel Manager

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