How To Make A Turn In Advertising For Your Hotel In Facebook

How To Make A Turn In Advertising For Your Hotel In Facebook

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Find who your buyer

Before considering content for the website of your hotel or social media channel, you need to go back to basics and identify who exactly you need and will speak – occasional business guests, travelers for recreation, retirees, families with children, young professionals etc. . You need them to extract this knowledge and actively generate compelling content for the identified groups.

Set goals for marketing content

Once you have determined you will focus, it is important to know why you are developing content for them. What do you hope to achieve with the content developed for the website, blog or social media channels from your hotel? It is brand awareness,loyalty, the ability to expose your hotel to new customers and expand its geographic achievement?

“Something key to engaging content is put in the foreground customer, address your concerns and answer your questions. This requires understanding of their beliefs, feelings, desires and needs. ”

Hire a professional that can show your hotel

Do not waste your time with amateur writing.

Add professional photographs.

The only thing worse than website content written by an amateur, is photography done by an amateur. Dim light, grainy pictures will not sell your property, no matter who or what is interesting is the attractive price.

Use professional video and / or virtual tour.

Customers want to see exactly what they will get when booking a room online. Highlight the exterior of the hotel, public spaces, dining facilities, meeting rooms, guest rooms and bathrooms when recording videos and develop virtual tours.

Have a style guide and keep it firm.

A style guide is the secret weapon of your website. It is the book behind the scenes that keeps the online image of your website with brand consistency. It should set everything from the type of source to the size of pictures and number of characters in copy blocks.

Use words that sell the experience of being at your hotel.

Remember that you are selling more than any place to sleep. You are selling a getaway for the weekend or an unforgettable fishing trip. Find words that define your hotel and enhance the experience of visiting your location.

Tell your story.

Connect all striking elements of your hotel, and then they will tell the story both verbally and visually. Bring visitors on a journey through the hotel from the outside to the guest room using appropriately ordered pictures that show the highlights of the hotel. Content writing should flow without a paragraph breaks to the next, from one page to another, setting the standards for the expectations of guests.

Each hotel has unique characteristics that differ from all others.

Perhaps the fantastic location, or the coffee on the house during the night. Its world-class restaurant, help its guests to find out what make your particular hotel.

Tracking the advertising conversion helps hoteliers to decide for advertising on Facebook and approve the cost optimized for impressions (OWHC) in order to show users ads more likely to convert into customers outside of Facebook.

With pixel tracking conversions tool, we can create a JavaScript code fragment to incorporate it to the conversion pages. For example, if we want to take a trace of reserved rooms, you can include this tool in the booking confirmation page that users see at the end of the transaction. Each time a user loads this page in your browser, the code communicate to Facebook that a conversion has been produced. In this way, Facebook can compare the visits and clicks an ad to get information to guide us on the profitability of investment in our ads.

As a guest, no doubt you can use Facebook as an effective method to attract more customers. Like any other marketing method, it does so incorrectly, up becoming in a huge waste of time and money.