Importance of a Perfect Landing Page for Hotel

Importance of a Perfect Landing Page for Hotel

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

Landing page is the initial point of brand visibility for visitors for your business after they click on your business ads or published URLs. The first page that loads after someone clicks your advertised URL is called the landing pageIt is different from your website’s homepage or other service pages. A landing page for hotel specific is like a follow-up for the visitors to expect the fulfillment of service promises. 

A perfect landing page will help the hotel businesses make the trade, propose an offer deal, and give out important business information in exchange for contact information or newsletter sign-up. 

So, this article states a clear understanding of what landing pages are and how a perfect one can help hotel businesses thrive. 

The Idea of Having a Landing Page for Your Business

Landing pages are more like click-through marketing, where your visitors will be led to the main business page. 

A perfect landing page will convince the visitor about the service and facilities being offered by the business. And the probability of conversion from visitor to customer will increase. 

And there is no limit on how many landing pages you can create! 

As per evidential statistics are concerned, the companies that create over 30 landing pages get 7X more leads than the companies that restrict themselves to just 10 pages. 

One needs to give in enough time to create landing pages that have content that interests the target audience.

Irrespective of the business type, if you manage to get a high conversion rate from landing pages, you will eventually have more paying customers.

The average conversion rate from the landing pages across all sectors is calculated to be around 9.7%, which is a good rate to count on. 

There is no limitation on what you can add to the landing pages. But a strategic inclusion of content and elements is important to make it stand out. 

The landing pages with social proof such as more images, videos, social media posts, and customer reviews have experienced better conversion rates at 12.5%. All you need is strategic planning and execution while you design and launch your landing pages. 

When Does Your Business Call for a Landing Page?

There are specific instances when a landing page can be the masterstroke for your business to grow. When used at the perfect time and with the ideal strategy, landing pages can deliver high sales and more leads. 

Some of those instances where landing pages are of utmost necessity for a business include Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and lead magnet measures. 

The landing pages help achieve the traffic goal because they focus on only one goal and CTA (call to action) at a time. The navigation areas for a visitor will be fewer, and they will focus on the specific offer you have put up. 

And this is how the idea of landing pages works! 

Do Hotel Businesses Need a Landing Page?

Yes, they do! The goal of every hotel business is to get that ‘Book’ button clicked relentlessly. 

But there needs to be a strategy to make this goal achievable. Your perfect landing page for hotel business can be the first initiative towards achieving more leads. 

Many hotels use landing pages to get direct bookings based upon specific packages or offers. 

These pages are destined to convince the leads that you are the best they can get. And that is how a lead converts to becoming a paying customer. 

Reasons Why Landing Pages Are Important for Hotel Businesses

If you are still in some dilemma about whether you should invest in having multiple landing pages for different focused conversions, this section might help. 

Here are three evident reasons that could convince you about the importance of a landing page for the hotel business. 

1. One Landing Page Focuses on Just One Thing!

Your upfront business website might have a lot of information in it, which might distract the visitor from what they are actually looking for! 

A customer looking for something specific upon offers, dedicated rooms, facilities, or others will find your website cluttered. Therefore, landing pages are important! 

Irrespective of the best hotel website designs, their primary focus is on spreading the word about their overall services and facilities, not the one that a customer is looking for specifically. 

Therefore, landing pages do the job of targeting different audiences with varying focus elements. 

For instance, if you are marketing your budgeted rooms, then set up the SEO, content, and offers accordingly on a specific landing page. 

So, every time someone searches for budgeted hotels and finds your link, they will be redirected to the dedicated offer page and not to your main website. 

You can then set up the CTA to redirect your lead to the main website for booking and payment purposes. But first, give them the information they need. 

2. Landing Pages Help Create Marketing Funnels

The most crucial consideration in building a marketing strategy for any industry, including hotels, is to use ideal funnels. 

Landing pages are a common inclusion in all top, tried-and-tested marketing funnels!

If you readily prepare all the basic landing pages for your hotel business, then you can easily implement any funnel. 

Some of the usual types of landing pages you should have for your business are:

  • Lead generation landing page
  • Redirection landing page
  • Room landing pages
  • Up-sell and cross-sell landing pages

When you have all of these pages ready, you will be set to run targeted campaigns and prepare funnels to drive in the customers. 

You will also be able to remarket your offers and services to the guests who have shown interest in some of your products. Soon, you won’t have to do anything extravagant to attract customers.

3. Landing Pages Can Be Easily Tested

Every marketing strategy you implement should be tested and tried to see if it works well or not. Landing pages, over all others, are easy to test and optimize. 

Make use of the A/B Test or split test to judge if your landing page is well-optimized or not. This test is all about creating two or more landing pages for your hotel and directing equal traffic to them all. And then all you need to do is observe which of them converts better. 

Some of the other elements over landing pages that need to undergo regular testing and optimization are:

  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Headlines
  • Copy length
  • Social proof

Parting Words

So, it is evident that a landing page for hotel is quite important for emphasizing conversion rate and better audience targeting. 

With it, you can create marketing funnels to guide the leads throughout the booking process and get more paying customers. 

It won’t hit you hard on your pockets to set up the landing pages for your hotel business. So, if your business is online and you seek more direct bookings, then start your landing page marketing.

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