6 ways you can impress your hotel guests using technology

6 ways you can impress your hotel guests using technology

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

The hospitality industry, truly has seen huge transformation in the last few years. The advances in the technology, along with the many players entering the market has made hotel owners and everyone else in the industry to impress customers.


In the good-ol’ days, making a customer happy was not as rewarding as it is today. For example, a few years ago, even if you managed to make guests happy, the best thing you can hope for is to retain them in future. Even that was too much to ask. On the contrary, if you make a customer happy today, you get praised on the social media, and hence to a number of people in their social media circle. The same goes the other way, too. If you fail to impress a customer, you’ll be missing out on a big opportunity.


  1. Using IOT to make rooms smarter.

The concept of smart homes is not new to the customers. If you make sure that the rooms in your hotel are connected with all the electrical devices, and add some more functionalities, it will make sure make an impact.


  1. Give them access to Popular Streaming Platforms.

Chances are, most of your customers are used to the #NetflixAndChill regimes. You can invest in some service that could help you provide access to these sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and much more. Amazon Firestick could be very cost-effective and best option for this.


  1. Smooth Check-in and Check-outs

You can employ the top-notch billing software at your reception, this will allow your customers to make hassle free check-ins and check-out at your hotel. With the incredible developments in cloud technology, there are many options available in the market that you can choose from.


Not only does it help with streamlined process for the guests, you can do much more with a robust and sleek GST Billing software. Working professionals who need to submit proper invoices in their offices, they will be very happy with this.


  1. A dedicated app for your hotel guests!

It is the modern age of personalization and customization. You can have a dedicated and customized app for the guests who stay in your hotel. It might seem like too big thing to pull off, but it’s really simple.

Not only does it help you interact and engage with your customers, it will help you generate some extra revenue too. For example: you can send out push notifications about various meals, and other add-on services, this will trigger the guests to spend money.


So, these are the things that you can do to impress your hotel guests with technology. Have any questions? Let us know in the comment box.