Increase Sales And Revenues With An Intelligent Hotel Channel Manager

Increase Sales And Revenues With An Intelligent Hotel Channel Manager

AxisRooms Marketing
AxisRooms Marketing

Are you trying to promote your hotel’s online visibility to attract more bookings but finding it difficult? Then, how about adopting an intuitive hotel channel manager? Let’s walk you through all about a channel manager – what it is, how it works, and most importantly, how does it help you sell more rooms to drive revenues.  

Let’s dig a little deeper

Through a two-way integration with your hotel property management system,a channel manager is a piece of operationally imperative software that ensures an automatic and real-time flow of rates, availability, and reservations between your Hotel PMS and all the connected online distribution channels. It displays your hotel’s live rates and availability on a number of OTAs in real-time.

Simplified hotel distribution

  • Easily update inventory and rates across OTAs with just a single click from your Hotel PMS.
  • Reservations/bookings made on any OTA will reflect in your Hotel PMS instantly.
  • Instantly update room reservations or cancellations across all your connected OTAs.
  • Enable your front desk staff to stay up-to-date with your rates and availability.
  • No more time-consuming and error-prone manual effort to update the connected channels, save time.
  • Identify your target regions, their popular OTA, connect and start selling.
  • Build a credible online image for your brand and attract new customers.
  • Set up multiple room types for each channel.
  • Only sell actually available rooms.


Increased room sales = more revenues

Let’s straightaway get to the point – you get to increase your online bookings. Yes, this is true as online hotel booking is the norm now. Analyze your bookings from various OTAs, see who is giving you more business, and optimize your rates accordingly. As it updates live rates and availability across all your channels simultaneously, you can accept bookings while eliminating double booking and overbooking. Plus, you also can get more direct bookings. Here is why – many guests tend to check out room rates on your website after seeing them on OTAs. And if your website rates are attractive, you are sure to bag more direct bookings, resulting in more profitability.

Reinvent your distribution effort with AxisRooms
Our channel manager integrates with a wide range of OTAs, enabling you with a powerful hotel distribution strategy.

Get onto the cloud
Never stay behind in this era of the cloud. Easily access our cloud-based channel manager on the go.

Easy integration with your Hotel PMS
We ensure seamless integration of our channel manager solution with your existing Hotel PMS. Things cannot get better than this.

Works with over 50 OTAs
Connect your small and mid-size property to over 50 popular OTAs across regions via our channel manager solution. Now isn’t it easier to sell more while increasing online visibility?

Intuitive dashboard
Leverage our easy-to-use dashboard for a panoramic view of your inventory. With a single sign-on, you have to update the price once, and it will push the same to connected OTAs instantly. Confirm, cancel, and view all your bookings from different OTAs in one place.

Run analytical reports
Get in-depth reports to observe your business – on booking, source, guests, and inventory. This helps you to understand trends to make an informed decision.

Formula Pricing
Easily update one price, and our channel manager will take care of the rest by updating the price for all your room and rate plan combinations.

Never lose a booking
With support for over 29 currencies, grab every booking from across the globe.

Keep track of everything
Our solution logs every change made by the user. This helps you monitor and audit their activities efficiently.

Customize as you want
Block/unblock channels and set sold-out dates – do it all with our channel manager with utmost efficiency. Need customization, let us know.

We don’t make empty promises. Our achievements speak for us. Here is how the industry rates our channel manager –


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