Independent Hotels: How to increase reservations and efficiency?
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Independent Hotels: How to increase reservations and efficiency?

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

An independent hotels reservation system is a software package that enables you to receive direct bookings via your website and other distribution services. It’s also termed as an online booking engine or, more broadly, a booking system. It should be simple to connect with your current facilities and help you simplify the rest of your hotel reservation administrative processes.

An independent hotel reservation system is a must-have for any business, irrespective of its size or region. If you have such a setup, you can maximize your company’s efficiency as well as profitability.

Advantages of the Online Hotel Reservation System

  • Makes the administrative work easier for both you and your employees

An online booking system handles the task for you instead of having you reply to email queries and take reservations over the call. So you can spend more time socialising with your customers rather than being buried in the office doing administrative tasks. You can also maintain the rest of the team more coordinated and active.

  • Helps you get useful information about your visitors

Collection of data is important, particularly in the hospitality industry, where clients expect much more personalised service. Without an online hotel booking engine, it’s difficult to tell where your tourists are travelling from, what their age is, and why they are choosing your hotel. An ideal online booking engine software will gather this information and organize it into detailed reports that you can use for your profit.

  • Lowers the chances of your rooms getting overcrowded

When there’s not an online hotel booking system set up, a person is in charge of constantly updating bookings from all related distribution networks.

When a hotel booking system is in place properly, the technology immediately updates all live pricing and availability. The chance of overbooking accommodations is reduced greatly, which increases the efficiency of your hotel business significantly. It improves overall guest satisfaction at your hotel.

Your tourists may book their favourite room types on either laptops, tablets, or smartphones thanks to the cloud-based reservation system. The experience of booking a stay online should be easy, quick, and fun, using secure online payments.

Note that this is your customer’s first impression of the hotel, and it will have a long-term influence on how they feel about your brand. For your visitors can finish this process and book online, it must be user-friendly. 

Top 5 Ways for Independent Hotels Reservation System To Increase Efficiency:

1. To increase conversion, focus on providing excellent website performance

To increase interaction with site visitors, independent hotels must optimize their websites with strong call-to-actions and valuable local content.

Your online hotel reservation systems should provide a smooth reservation experience on your website to:

  • Provide a quick and flawless online booking process with the least number of clicks.
  • Attract foreign visitors with the best deals your company has to offer. 
  • Successfully convert your customized promos. 
  • Increase upsells, such as brunches, luxurious rooms, and late checkout.

In addition to all these, you must confirm that your website’s SEO is updated by checking the below points –

  • Google’s Web Vitals standards are being met when it comes to site performance. 
  • It includes a strong call to action.
  • It contains high-quality, relevant, and diverse online content.

You can improve your conversion and profit from direct online reservations by trying to improve your website presence. 

2. Cater to multiple online platforms throughout all devices to target a specific audience

Nowadays tourists require internet connectivity throughout the day, either on a mobile, laptop, or tablet. Moreover, more than a third of the estimated hotel reservations are mobile reservations. Thus, independent hotels must keep a strong online presence across multiple devices.

It’s important that your hotel’s website and online booking system are mobile-friendly on all devices. At every stage of the process, they must be satisfied with the website’s efficiency. As a result, independent hotels must soon follow customized software that assists in attracting and retaining more direct clients.

3. Set reasonable prices

Independent hotels must check and re-optimise their prices routinely to be relevant in the competitive reservation market.

Whenever it comes to price, hotel businesses must have the mindset to continually check competitors’ pricing and update room rates as people are sensitive to price to increase profit per room.

You may monitor your competitors’ offerings and, under your stated criteria, update rates on your OTAs and meta-search engines effectively with your channel manager using a revenue management system (RMS) having different price features, helps you to always stay one step ahead of the game.

4. Add extra booking rewards

You have complete control over the reservations. Even if they’re a one-time tourist, you get the power to turn them into loyal customers. It would be excellent if you could have an agent who could attract more direct bookings for your business.

Ensure the online reservation benefits, particularly on the website, are direct and expressed well. 

Bonus rewards, discounts on drinks and snacks, and refundable dining coupons in return for online reservations directly from your webpage are all just a few of the rewards that will drive repeat visits. With exclusive discounts and reservation links that connect directly to your website, you may generate more visitors via your social media platforms.

Whenever it comes to increasing efficiencies, hotels must take advantage of all available online and offline opportunities. Your hotel will be in a good position to take part in the independent hotel industry by providing more efficient online reservations on its website, online booking software, as well as better rates and bonuses.

5. Get a service provider with consistency

You’ll require a service provider who can act independently for the hotel instead of using much more of your time.

Whatever they serve – food, housekeeping services, advertising, or consulting – be confident they are effective at what they do, care about your property, and know the value of collaboration.

Choosing a service provider who recognizes the value of the Independent Hotels Reservation System in terms of increasing efficiency, hotel earnings, and profit will return on its own multiple times, again and again.

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