Hotel Online Marketing Strategy With Content Ideas

Hotel Online Marketing Strategy With Content Ideas

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First, we must establish a clear idea about: What do we achieve?

For this it is essential to set goals and objectives. The main goal is probably to get more bookings and increase business, but a more specific goal will allow you to create more meaningful content. You must define the purpose of the content as much as possible for the successful hotel online marketing .

What kind of format and content we generate for hotel marketing?

The next step is to decide what kind of content we should develop on the basis of our audience and goals. The content-creation plan should include issues to be addressed and messages that plans to launch. The video is positioned as the most interesting or preferred option (see examples of videos for hotels), followed by the text content or articles through specialized blogs and media. Finally photo galleries that can be used to graphically tell a story or to generate a more visual impact on the hotel, destination, etc …

The imperative for this is to ensure that the hotel’s goals as well as content that can be generated are related to the wishes and preferences of the audience.

ReviewPro is an excellent tool to speak the theme of our content in the aspects of our hotel who value our guests. For those who do not have this excellent tool can consider doing an analysis of the different sites where our guests leave comments (TripAdvisor, Expedia, Facebook, etc.) and, for example: If one of our strengths is the view of housing, since many guests mention in his remarks, then we can generate content related to the view of housing. Another example might be the cleaning if our guests appreciate the cleanliness of the facilities then why not get on Youtube an interview with the area of Housekeeping or very detailed picture of the cleanliness of the hotel.

Once you already know what kind of content you must create, the next step is to determine its format. Based on your goals, an analysis of the current reality and the knowledge of your audience should determine the most appropriate way to content.

How to do it better and more creative?

Once we have the basic idea of the content and its format, we must consider how to present it in a creative way to turn it into an even better idea. For example, in the case of online content, the development of infographics destination (hotel address) that address relevant data or can show the information in a more visual, graphic and creative way can generate greater interest and impact.

A bad writing, one lacking in creativity design or unprofessional, a poorly recorded video or edited are sufficient reasons to lose all our efforts and objectives of our strategy.

How to distribute content?

Depending on the format of the same content can be used on online distribution channels: Hotel website, blog, social networks and through our newsletter. Some of the major online channels are:

  • Video: Youtube or Vimeo
  • Photos: Pinterest, Flickr, Picassa, Panoramio or Instagram
  • Texts: Blog, TripAdvisor (forums) or any forum for the text submission.
  • To improve the reach of our content we can use social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


  • Invest time to build a strategic plan is vital in a digital world continuously bombarded with a flood of information and content.
  • Generate content to improve organic positioning of certain keywords that can drive growth in your business.
  • The photographic tour 360 adapted to the different spaces of our hotel and displayed virtual tour so on our website is highly valued by potential customers who visit our site.
  • Focus on creating goals not only in his hotel but also the destination, activities, parties or even the staff of the hotel.

The above strategies if followed can successfully lay the foundation of bring your hotel in online marketing space.