Millennials: Know Them Or Stop In Time!

Millennials: Know Them Or Stop In Time!

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In addition to travel more than any other generation, the generation of Millennials are doing so in a very particular way. Recent studies uncover the habits of these young people when traveling and point trends for tourism.

To situate the representation of that public, in 2013 the generation born between 1982 and 2002 already represented 35% of passengers of commercial flights and it is expected that this percentage will reach 54% by 2025.

Merger of working life and leisure life

Mobile gadgets have brought freedom for professionals, especially freelancers, and entrepreneurs. For Millennials, who have already entered the labor market connected to many of these technologies, the routine is not necessarily associated with a location. They also believe that following office shifts does not guarantee productivity and want schedule flexibility: they want freedom to go to the gym in a quieter time, knowing they will have to answer emails at home at night.

Internet, internet, internet!

To maintain this lifestyle mobile, even while traveling, excellent quality of Wi-Fi is fundamental, is in the hotel, restaurant, pub, in co-workings of office… is the internet that will enable access to files Cloud and Skype meeting with the team, for example.

Global citizens

Millennials perceive travel as a lifestyle and not as an annual holiday event. Unlike the generations of their parents and their grandparents, who sought only leisure time on trips, they see the experience as an opportunity to develop as a person, which in turn will influence its development as a professional. Thus, international travels are seen as opportunities to enrich the curriculum, making networking and improve a language.

Research raised numbers reinforce such behavior: 38% travels to learn a new language, 45% travel with focus on leisure, about 15% travel for work experience and about 5% for volunteer work.

Less attached to careers and ostentatious goods, have few ties to their place of origin, which facilitates the decision to pack up and travel for a while.

Planned adventure

The trip is an opportunity to experience the new, unravel the unknown, so they accept the most varied destinations. In search of an authentic experience, deny closed tour packages and traditional city tours. They like to make their own script, but with much previous research by reading guides, blogging tips and recommendations from friends (and strangers).

Often the wealth of information available on a destination (or on several destinations for those who are still at the stage of choosing where to go) can confuse those planning a trip. In this sense, some applications and websites seek to facilitate the choices by providing specific tips for the profile and desires. This is the case of Atlas Obscura, Triptease and Jetpac.

Shared savings

Low cost air companies, Airbnb, hostels, Uber … Millennials learned that it is not necessary to pay for expensive travel and use all the shared saving tools for the sake of your trip.

Shared experience

51% of Millennials often share travel experiences on Instagram! A share trip on the internet is the natural extension of your digital identity, and cause invejinha followers! 😉

Where to stay?

Millennials tourists do not want to feel at home when they arrive at a hotel, they want to feel, in fact, the chosen destination with much care to have a unique experience!

Another important fact: research indicates that 57% of Millennials want to know other people staying at the same hotel as yours.

Thus, some initiatives have begun to emerge: apartments decorated by local artists, parties at the hotel sponsored by famous nightclubs, lobbies with layout that allow the gathering of people, among others. The Ace Hotel Group, for example, stimulates the local culture and promotes the meeting of regional

producers from various segments with guests in their lobbies. The network The Standard has changed the concept of luxury for authenticity.

The Airbnb is gaining more strength. And cheating those who believe that it is only by low costs: the Airbnb win fans because it sells the opportunity to live a different one city as a real place!