How Technology Has Changed Tourism

How Technology Has Changed Tourism

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Technology and science have truly touched every life in this whole wide world. Advancements in tech have changed how we eat, how we live, how we talk, and more recently, how we travel. The tourism industry, like countless other sectors of the economy, is one that has benefited majorly from the introduction of technology and better practices. Travel is now easier, cheaper, safer, and more convenient. How has it happened? Let us take a look.

Eco-friendly and convenient tourism

The integration of technology within tourism has had a twofold positive effect. Online ticketing means no need to print your railway or airline tickets anymore, and online billing software serves the same purpose for bills and invoices. Travel can become a whole lot eco-friendlier with technology, as airlines have shown us, with web check in, e-tickets and boarding passes now available, resulting in a bunch of paper being saved.

As far as convenience goes, gone are the days when people had to stand in long lines just to get a rail or air ticket. Online ticketing systems make it possible to book flights to your favorite destinations within a minute, at the click of a button. GST software and online billing software, if we talk about India specifically, integrate new regulations into invoices automatically, so that all you must do is choose a destination, select the date, and pay the ticket amount. Travel has become as easy as one two three!

Customer service is now social

In every sector of the economy, customer service is of the essence. Travel and tourism is no different, in fact, customer service is even more important in this case. Mostly, when travelling abroad, people end up spending huge amounts of money, and expect supreme customer service that delivers bang for their buck.

With the advent of tech, and social media, we have seen customer service shift from traditional channels to social channels, such as Twitter. From the delivery of updates after booking the tickets, schedule posting, and data tracking, every aspect of the customer service process has gone social. We often see people tagging the official Twitter handles of airlines or other travel companies to ask frequent questions, and often, these social media handles reply almost instantly to any and all queries. Customer service in travel industry is truly social now!

Technology has made travel safer

When it comes to money and payments, guaranteeing safety is a prime concern. With the travel industry, money moves around a lot, and guaranteeing its safety has been made incredibly simple with technology. Gone are the days when you needed cash for each and every payment that you make, with online payment portals and platforms like Google Wallet now taking over. The usage of such platforms eliminates the need to carry cash around, thereby neutralizing the threat of cash theft. Once fully integrated with these platforms, the worries about credit card fraud or stolen money essentially disappears. What’s more is that people now no longer need to stand in ATM queues to withdraw cash- most dealers worldwide now accept electronic payments in addition to the conventional plastic cash!


In this era of advancing tech, travel and tourism has changed for the better. Travel is now safer, more convenient, and a lot cheaper. Technology has played its part in making travel simpler, with e-payment portals, social customer services, and mobile apps and websites making it easier to book tickets and stay updated. The next time you travel, be thankful to technology for making the entire process simpler!