Trends in website design

Trends in website design

Abhishek Saurabh
Abhishek Saurabh

The online world is ever-changing, same is the case with hotel website designs. With new devices coming in the market to access websites, it poses the challenge to adapt the website efficiently on every screen. And with the introduction of dynamic content and the way customers interact with web businesses all of this makes hotel web design more challenging and dynamic. Even though hospitality industry is rather slower than other web businesses in evolving. They have improved their digital presence and proving more user-friendly experience to users, all of which has lead to an increase in direct bookings.

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Move towards website minimalism

While minimalism in website designing is something new and has been around for some time. However, it is picking up in the hospitality industry from last few years and continue to do so in future. Having a minimalistic design means removing all superfluous content, making it clutter free and adopting a chic but clean and simple design. The hospitality industry is putting all such efforts to better engage customers and make navigation at the website a seamless experience. It can help reduce the bounce rate. Having an elegant website with a distraction-free design is is what you can look forward to this year.


Let images convey your message

Mobile has brought considerable changes in booking and online communication. It is very important to give considerable thought to the type of images you use as the screens are smaller in size. And for the hotel industry is has meant a vast change with no longer just showing cool property photos! It is now more about having carefully chosen images that convey a message and strike a chord with guests. Now, it is about the whole customer experience rather than only some amenities and special offers. Which give the opportunity to hospitality professional to not only showcase the hotel images but the attraction around the property.


Growth in mobile-specific design

With the rise in timing, the customer spends mobile. Mobile bookings are becoming the preferred way to do holiday booking from airlines tickets to hotel booking. So having a mobile friendly website is essential for your hotel. Furthermore, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites will rank better in the search results which makes it mandatory. As a result, you can expect hotels this year to take it further from just mobile friendly to mobile-specific. That means the hotel web design will be created by keeping both the size of the screen and user context in mind.


Decorative details

The clean, understated simplistic look might have lasted a while, but it’s time to make way for some decorative details in 2018. Be on the lookout for geometric shapes and icons. They are great for adding a little extra attention to certain areas or content on your site – or simply just for decorative purposes